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If you had to guess, just how many email newsletters are you subscribed to? Five? Twenty-five? Fifty?

TBH, I’m unaware of the fact – and I know I’m not alone in this. The email marketers have lots of competition to do as their customer’s inbox is full of email campaigns. And that is why an effective newsletter template is important to crafting an email that users are interested in.

If made well, Newsletter email templates can do wonders to assist you to assemble an involved subscriber base, prioritizing your business, and Nurturing your leads that are already making their way down the funnel.

An effective newsletter email template should be filled with more than just good content. In fact, the most missed element in the newsletter email templates creation process is the design.

If you don’t have time to craft newsletter email templates from scratch then we’ve got you covered. We’ve searched the web for the best knowledge base for newsletter email templates and assembled them below.

Once you have found your suitable pick, select the template and utilize it to fit your requirements.

Business Newsletter

Organizations are having a difficult time adapting to the rapidly changing work environment. Newsletter email templates channel both, what customers want and what the team wants to convey, is important.

Handling a remote team, conveying a return to work plan, and tackling crises are all important.

In this section, we’ll give newsletter examples of all those situations.

Why You MUST Build Your Email List – Instructions Included

Business update newsletter email templates example:

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Crisis communications all-organization announcement newsletter email template

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Remote working guide newsletter email template

For a different reason, each newsletter email template on this list is wonderful on its own. Some have a well-known newsletter design, some have an atypical copy, and some have extraordinary CTAs … but all are well-versed at fulfilling their subscribers’ requirements.

The Hustle

The Hustle is a daily newsletter that conveys “business and tech in less than 5 mins”. Of all the business and tech newsletters available online, this HubSpot email newsletter stands out in tone and delivers information in the most humorous and interesting way. But good content is not the only thing that it takes, Hubspot email template development is just as important to them as the information.

Here are the two most famous headlines from 2021 as an example:

  • “Inside the world’s most booked Airbnb”
  • “How Bob Ross paintings became a coveted investment”

The unique equation of great content + unique tone + personalization runs well with the Hustle’s audience as doubled like rabbits to more than 1.5 million subscribers.


Phrasee’s weekly newsletter is as data-oriented as it’s attractive. They convey curated blogs accompanied by fun graphics, memes, and GIFs.

Their tone is so personalized and full of life that the email newsletter itself can make a good social media post. They know how to shine out from the mob with their unique and atypical tone.


If you’re a marketing hub user, Hubspot proffers a wide assembly of newsletter email templates you can utilize on your next email campaign. You won’t need to go out of your way to search for attractive templates in another marketplace; these templates are available right in your vicinity.


ConverKit is a great email template platform that’s a handy option for course bloggers, users, etc. Not only ConvertKit have a wide collection of email templates, but it also contains email automation tools, signup forms, and much more.

To utilize ConvertKit’s newsletter email templates, you’ll need to signup and acquire free and paid templates.


Flodesk is a new newsletter email template platform with over 3,000 email templates and designs to improve your marketing efforts. Aside from proffering you a wide range of templates, Flodesk helps you link a bridge with your eCommerce website to assist with analytics and automation.

Get Started on Your Email Marketing Newsletter

Get ready to craft your next newsletter marketing email campaign, pick one of the great choices from their template galleries and landing pages. Hope this free guide will help you capture your audience.

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