Ever since the genesis of system utilities and protection tools, backup softwares had a great demand as they save people’s data everyday. There are tens of hundreds of system backup and recovery tools scattered over the web; but what makes the task tedious is their reliability. Here comes the importance of market giants like EaseUS.

EaseUS has been serving people by making quality softwares, more precisely the free backup softwares. I recently happened to know about their Todo Backup & Recovery tool. I had to keep my files safe and I started to search for a most reliable system backup and recovery tool.

As EaseUS was outraging the competitors in the search results, I chose their Todo Backup & Recovery tool. Made a backup. Done. Everything was damn easy and I didn’t even know backing up the whole system was that much simple. Here I review the EaseUS Todo Backup and Recovery tool by considering their unique features, advanced options and much more.

EaseUS  Todo Backup and Restore is the most popular backup software with more than 6 million users. It provides a reliable solution for backing up and restoring system from accidental issues. Its simple and user-friendly interface lets you manage your system more efficiently. You can backup your whole system or images, music, videos and documents separately with a single click using Todo Backup and Recovery tool.

It can restore your system into the original state when any disaster happens. It will perform a comprehensive and incremental schedule backup to save time and avoid troubles. Its working environment is extremely compatible with Windows and you can even perform a full backup without even doing a backup of your system.

As an end user, we all need frequent software updates. As far as a system utility is concerned, it should update its library and interface over time. I really appreciate EaseUS as they roll out sequential updates for their products. The brand new version of To do backup supports multiple user platforms and other intuitive features that will surely impress the users. Their newly added smart backup feature helps to perform automatic backup once there are any changes to the selected files.

While recovering a backup, you don’t have to re-install OS or applications to get everything back. Everything can be accomplished within a fraction of time. That makes sense huh? Here are some more cool features in the backup options itself.

  • Disk clone, disk upgrade and SSD migration solution.
  • Quickly restore preferred files irrespective of the file type. It may be granular files, folders, volumes, or all from a single image.
  • Different backup modes such as Comprehensive full backup, Incremental backup, differential backup etc.

EaseUS Todo Backup and Recovery Unique Features

  1. Full backup – Only a full backup allows you to restore the exact configuration of your PC, including your operating system, applications and all your files. Todo full backup lets you take full backup without fuzz.
  2. Hot backup – Integrate with Microsoft Volume Shadow (VSS) to back up files that are in use, back up specific files and volumes without interrupting any current operations, especially for open files backup
  3. Disk imaging – Block-level disk imaging quickly and efficiently backs up the entire disk or volumes. It can speed up the backup process of large files as it only backs up the modified blocks of data instead of the entire file.
  4. Sector-by-sector backup – Store an exact copy of your disk or volume, including unused space, sector-by-sector backup assures you a 100% identical copy to the original.
  5. System restore – Quickly recover your entire Windows system backup in minutes to the original or new location using a Linux bootable media.
  6. System migration – Fast, easy and safely migrate system to a SSD without re-installing Windows. You can simply clone hard drive to ssd.

And lots of other options. Along with these awesome options, you will be benefited with lifetime free support and free incremental updates. You can always ping their customer care team to clear your doubts off.

Final Verdict

If you have been searching for a reliable yet functional free system backup and recovery solution, EaseUS should be your prior choice. As far as we tried and tested this software, no other freeware could beat EaseUS’s build quality and functionality. EaseUS Todo backup is the fully featured yet free data backup & system disaster recovery software for home users. Period.


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