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Accidental Data Loss? Here’s How to Quickly Recover with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

With the advent of technology, people are more dependent on digital storage devices rather than the conventional options. For instance, I use my external hard disk drive to backup all of my important files such as pictures, documents, event memories, and even my development tools. One of the main advantages of keeping the files safe in an external HDD is that even if your primary PC collapse, you could still restore the files with the stored backup on the drive.

But what if the backup HDD failed? Have you ever encountered such scenario where you accidentally formatted the external storage device containing your precious files? I know the pain! It’s a really frustrating situation. Obviously, the next choice is to find an industry leading data recovery software.

I personally use the market leader, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover all of my deleted files on the go. So what’s inside my drive? As a professional blogger and an Android developer, my backup files include:

  • Client details – Invoices, payment receipts, contact information and cooperation data.
  • Development tools – IDEs, finished projects, workbench details and additional resources.
  • Photo & Media – My DSLR backups including event’s pictures, experiment’s footages, recordings and stills.

So the question is, is it possible to recover all of these data items with a single piece of software? Well, the answer is a BIG YES, surprisingly!

Not just external hard drives, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can recover lost files from a wide range of storage medias including:

  • PC/Laptop
  • HDD, SSD, & External Disks.
  • USB & Memory Drives
  • Digital camera, camcoder, DSLR camera, action cams.
  • Mobile phone, music & video player.
  • RAID, CF/SD cards, and other drives.

It can literally recover anything from any storage devices. My flash drive with a bootable OS recently became malfunctioned and I nearly lost all files on it. The drive almost became inaccessible due to some bad formatting. But the file recovery was exceptionally fast and neat with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Along with it, you could also seek the help of their specialised hard drive recovery tool if the issue is severe. EaseUS has built the tool so efficient that even the corrupted drive’s data could be easily recovered within no time.

It works on the principle called as data remanence. Which means, even if you deleted/formatted the drive, the file parts still reside in the storage in an inaccessible format. It even stays there after a couple of re-formats. So, you don’t have to be panic if you had to format the drive in a particular unavoidable situation.

Thankfully, the hard drive recovery is included in the data recovery wizard itself so that you don’t have to download multiple tools for the same purpose. It supports almost every file types ever known to a human, including documents, graphics, videos, audio, email, archives etc.

How to Recover Lost Files with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

  1. First of all, download the free recovery wizard, data recovery wizard pro or wizard pro + WinPE and install it on your PC.
  2. Once it’s installed, launch the main wizard interface.
  3. From there, choose a location to start finding data. You could scan your local drives or any external removable storage devices attached to the system.easeus data recovery wizard review
  4. Once you select the destination drive, the data recovery wizard will start looking for the entire file history on the drive. Its deep scan lets you retrieve each and every file type on the drive. The deep scan may take a while depending on your drive’s size. But it’s worth it.easeus data recovery wizard review
  5. Once you get the item to be recovered, simply select the file and click Recover button. On the next screen, it asks you set the destination drive to save the recovered data. It’s advised to not store the data in the same folder it was lost.easeus data recovery wizard review
  6. The file will be restored quickly to the chosen folder. I suggest you create a separate folder for the recovery items and store them anywhere safe as it might be difficult to restore the recovered files again once you lost it.easeus data recovery wizard review
  7. Done!

The free wizard tool lets you recover files up to 2GB and if you need to extend the limit, get the Pro version instead. It included lifetime free upgrades and long-term technical support. In case if you want to recover data from a system failure or crash, you had better grab the Pro + WinPE version as it’s the most advanced and powerful data recovery tool till date.

I personally couldn’t try the other scenario data loss (and I don’t want it to have happened) including hard drive failure, virus attacks, system crash, partition loss, RAW partition and other rare cases. So in short, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard got you covered in all data loss situations and if you’re a professional who rely on digital medium to store your data, it’s a must to install this tool. Hands down, Period!

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