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Giving the right answer in front of your television and imagining winning the game can be a little hard to digest. But did you know there are several games available online that allow you to enter live trivia contests or play online quizzes to earn real money? This is a golden opportunity that you should definitely catch. Below mentioned are some easily available gaming applications under the money earning games apk. Play them, exercise your brain and win exciting cash prizes. All you have to do is just answer right in a certain amount of time and win the fight. Give yourself a wonderful chance to learn with joy with these real money playing quiz games and experience the great thrill while winning the cash prizes.

1. GK

Screaming out the right answers at the screen, before the options pop-up is so exciting, isn’t it? Have you always been good with general knowledge and keen to answer every question the fastest? Then surely you should check out this gaming application which is all about correctly answering the questions at the right time. It is also among one of the famous real money playing quiz games.

Starting from Bollywood to your high school geography, make full use of your quick reflexes and curiosity and defeat other players with your speed and knowledge in the GK quiz. Spend your time wisely while exercising your memory with this trivia game. Download it fast from the latest money earning games apk and earn easily.

You can find several online apps where you can play trivia and online GK tests. Answering the questions correctly can bring you an exciting amount of cash prizes instantly.

Here are a few things about the game –

  • Get in a contest. 2 to 3 players are allowed to play the game.
  • As the round starts, quickly answer the correct question. Defeat your opponents. Take away the prize.
  • You can play any number of rounds on the table.
  • The prize money earned by you during the rounds is credited to your winnings wallet when you leave the table. You can withdraw it safely at any time.
  • If you keep a good watch over cricket, films, and news regularly, then you should certainly try out this fair and fun way to earn money regularly. Just take the hot seat, answer GK questions, earn money and repeat.

2. 123

Love flaunting your math skills? Have you been wondering what to do with BODMAS and PEMDAS which were so confusing when you were a child? What if with a few taps, you can use your mathematics knowledge to answer some maths questions and win exciting real money prizes?

Play 123 against real players in real-time. All you need to do is just solve basic maths problems speedily with addition, subtraction, division, sequences and so on. Flaunt your strong math skills and sharp reflexes. Easily available under the money earning games apk, play this game and win easily.

If you are good at maths, 123 is surely going to serve you the best.

Each math problem will come with four options. Choose the correct option faster than your players. The time taken to give the right answer plays a very important role here.

The unique sets of questions are very skillfully designed by the systems. This ensures that the game is fair for every player. Moreover, 123 also remains as a game of skill. You can healthily exercise your brain by playing this game during your leisure hours.

Right away, choose the best table that perfectly suits you. About 2 to 3 players are allowed to play the game together in real-time. You can also play it with your friends on video. You can choose to play any number of rounds. Just solve the problems correctly, before other players. Defeat your opponents and win the cash prize.

3. PicMe

Remember those childhood days when you had to identify bats from birds? PicMe is a very enjoyable game that tests your memory. The game is mainly about remembering the pictures and answering correctly.

It is a sort of memory game. But instead of naming the items, here, you have to remember all the minute details of the images and spot the odd one out or the correct face amidst a crowd. This game offers you the opportunity to test your brainpower against other individuals and win great prizes. All you need is a quick memory, sharp eyes, and active reflexes to win the game. You can easily find this among the real money playing quiz games and download it from the money earning games apk.

The Rule Book

  • All players start the game with an equal number of points.
  • Every player has to reduce their points and ‘race to zero’. The fastest player able to do so will be the winner.
  • The picture quiz will be available in a multiple-choice setup. Click on the right option as fast as you can to reduce your points before your opponents.
  • The key element in this game is the time taken to give the correct answer. In the end, the fastest player earns the points.
  • Every round is completed when a contestant answers enough questions to reach zero.
  • The total points of the remaining players are finally summed up to calculate the final score.
  • The final score is multiplied by the cash point to calculate the total winnings of the player, after deducting the rake amount.

There is no better way to earn money than by using your general knowledge through exciting games. While surely the income earned through these games is the motivational push for many to play. So even if the game is played just for the sake of entertainment, it compensates in entertainment.

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