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Your smartphone is your notebook. It has made it possible to learn almost anything, without any help, from anyone, and at any time. You can now learn the subject of your choice from the comfort of your home or polish your skills. The best part is that most of the courses are available completely free.

So, if you are looking to improve your SEO skills, you can watch an unlimited number of YouTube videos, get help from experts on Quora and Twitter, and finally build prototypes and rank them for your desired keywords. Although all this may take time e-learning has brought possibilities where none existed before. What this means for you as the end-user is GROWTH, LEARNING, and MORE PROFITS!

In this article, we will discuss some of the best e-learning apps that you can use to learn almost anything that you put your mind to.

1. YouTube

The first one on our list is none other than YouTube. We all know how wonderful this platform is. It is not just an entertainment medium but people learn from it almost everything because of millions of videos available on this website. It has content on almost all topics ranging from hard science, to arts, to poetry, to even woodworking.

YouTube is considered the finest course learning platform because it provides information on all topics and the platform is clean of all scams. The scams can only happen as a mistake like airG scam but I am sure YT will be quick to address them.

YouTube also offers an app that you can download on your mobile and watch your favorite course. If you have an Android smartphone, YouTube will come pre-downloaded on your mobile. Simply create an account and start learning.

2. Udemy

Next, we have Udemy. Another great resource for learning online at your own pace. Udemy is by the community for the community. It offers both free and paid courses that you can get to learn about almost any topic. Most paid courses on Udemy are from people who are experts in their field. So, in short, users will be getting real-world experience and practical learnings that can help them solve industrial problems. Udemy is also said to be a great platform for those who want to get employed faster. Udemy offers apps on both Google Play and the Apple Play store.

3. Lynda

Third, on our list is Lynda. Almost everybody knows about Lynda, the product of LinkedIn. Lynda is not crowd-sourced but it also offers courses on almost all topics. It also has defined career paths for users who would like to grow and scale. Since its career paths are properly focused depending on the skills required in the job market, Lynda courses have helped a lot of students get recruited. Lynda charges a small fee every month to keep the online portal thriving.

4. Khan Academy

When talking about learning apps, you simply can’t leave Khan Academy out. The online learning academy was created with just one motive, to bring free education to everyone. Khan used to teach his daughter through YouTube videos. These videos became popular and others also started requesting him topics and their solutions. That’s how Khan launched Khan Academy, an online resource where curriculum from Zero Grade to High School is readily available. Children who are being homeschooled can learn a great deal from Khan academy. So, it is a great online app for anyone who would like to get formal education for themselves or for their children.

5. Coursera

Coursera is another great website that users use to upgrade their skills. Coursera offers university courses on almost all topics from beginners to advanced users. Since Coursera is a professional body, it also bestows certificates on its users. All certificates are offered only through careful vetting of the candidates. Coursera is available through both online platforms and apps. For users who are online through their mobiles can now also watch Coursera courses at once. The only problem with Coursera is that it has only paid courses available. Users can avail themselves of the free courses without getting the certificate.

6. EDX

Similar to Coursera, another great website for learning skills online is EDX. EDX also offers university courses. It mostly focuses on technology courses and users can easily enroll in any program that they think will benefit them. EDX is also available through the app store and you can download the app on both Android and iOS.

7. Skillshare

When talking about e-learning apps, one simply can’t miss Skillshare. Skillshare is an Indian courseware portal but it is now also available as an app. The best part about Skillshare is that you can get courses from experts. The courses can be bought and each course offers a certificate of completion. You can use these certs with your resume. The best part about Skillshare is that it offers a great learning environment and a one-to-one session with the experts. Skillshare app can be downloaded from the play store.

8. Lumosity

Lumosity is a brain training app. It is perfect for those who want to increase their IQ and EQ. Lumosity offers brain challenges that are often crowd-sourced by perfect for learning and improving thinking and concentration skills. It is a free app but slowly and gradually growing. It is currently available as an Android app only and you can use Lumosity to train your mind.

9. HeadSpace

Want to learn about finances? Physical health? Meditation? HeadSpace is a one-course portal that offers every type of information related to the human body. HeadSpace offers numerous topics on Mindfulness, Meditation, Concentration, and many more topics that you can either download as an audiobook read as articles, or take courses on them. HeadSpace is perfect for people interested in learning more about their bodies.

10. Blinkist

Last but not the least, we have Blinkist, a book summary app. Blinkist is not just a summary application, it has numerous summaries of books that you can download and ready within minutes. With Blinkist, you can read one book each day. Each book takes around 20 to 40 minutes to complete. The summary app doesn’t miss any important points from the books and offers every detail one needs to grasp the crux of the writeup.

Blinkist is a subscription app and you can get a trial version of 14 days to get you started. Blinkist is perfect for those who don’t have time to read complete books but would still like to gain knowledge.

Bottom-line: Type to Start Learning

These are all the e-learning applications that you would need to learn about new courses, upgrade your skills, and get better jobs or earn profit by selling the new skills you made. Though most of these are already available for free, some of the apps only charge a couple of dollars per month. Both are great for knowledge aspirants.

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