DTS-NET is one of the oldest web hosting service providers that has been providing excellent and expert professional web hosting services to the world since 1997. They are known for delivering dedicated services to their customers along with excellent customer services which is available to its customers always. They provide service to any part over the world with any major language across the world. They aim to be as the best internet service provider in the region providing excellent and quality services to their customers along with updating regularly to match up with the competition.

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Headquartered at Richlands, North Carolina they make themselves by providing state of the art type servers to their users along with excellent support infrastructure that allows them to solve the customer’s problems very quickly and provide service to their customers in swift manner. They offers 24/7 customer support and comes with price match guarantee that makes it unique hosting provider which gives great customer satisfaction. They also offer the plans with minimal costs which helps them to cater to many customers and meet their requirements with various plans.

Features of DTS-NET

As discussed, DTS_NET is known for their state of the art features and customer support that they come up with all the basic services that are required by customers. They offers services such as SSL certificates, domain registration, management console, webmail, database management and specialized hosting packages. They are providing the following unique features that make them stand out in the market segment:

  • Professional Business Services: DTS-NET aims at providing the best business services to their customers in order to meet their requirements that are related business segments. They offer different services such as web design and development, e-commerce setup and internet marketing in very extensive manner which are not provided by many hosts.
  • CPanel Console: Hosting dashboard is very important feature that leaves an efficient impact on the customers and users with great user interface. CPanel is one of the best and great hosting dashboards provided by the DTS-NET which makes it the best feature to use this hosting service provider. This is always updated regularly to cope up with customer needs.
  • Plan Customization: The best and unique features that are offered by the DTS-NET company are that, it offers all plans with additional add on services that makes it not a desperate attempt to make customers buy the product.
  • Free Applications: Another important feature offered by the DTS-NET is huge list of free applications that can be integrated with its services. It allows integration of applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many more apps that makes it extra attractive to its customers and makes it more effective way to provide services.
  • Data Migration: DTS-NET also provides great data migration services that make it easy for users and customers to move their data from the previous hosts without any problems.

Plans and Pricing

DTS-NET is one of the best affordable hosting service providers that one can across in search of their hosting provider. They make different plans and price those plans accordingly to keep the plans relatively simple. Customers can add up different add-ons such as SSL certificates, bandwidth and data migration services which may increase the costs put on the plans. Apart from that all the costs are simple and effective.

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  • Web Hosting Plans: The DTS-NET offers very simple web hosting plans such as startup, prime or business hosting services. If the website is just started and requires less storage, then customers can opt for $1.95/month plan which comes with 10 GB storage. Other plans include $4.99/month plan which offers unmetered storage whereas unlimited business plan costs around $7.99/month.

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  • Reseller Hosting: Instead of limiting the spaces or number of websites that can host, DTS-NET offers three packages based on operating systems. Linux systems come at $9.95/month and features cPanel. Windows server which comes with Plex control can cost $29.95/month.

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  • VPS and Dedicated Servers: DTS-NET also offers VPS services and dedicated servers at very cheap rate compared to many hosts. Their plans starts at $9.95/month which offers 1 GB RAM and with additional storage memory of up to 50 GB, costs may increase accordingly. For exact costs, one can contact the DTS-NET specialists.

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  • Offers very cost affective plans and suitable plans to the customers with add-ons.
  • Over 400+ web applications can be integrated.
  • Provides very good customer support.
  • Very affordable hosting services.

Final Verdict

Overall, DTS-NET service provider offers wide range affordable services that come at various levels of plans and services. Though they are old providers, they keep on updating with latest technologies which makes it best for the hosting and other services. With great customer support, DTS-NET will be suitable provider for many customers.