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Have you implemented all your SEO plans perfectly but still your client seems unhappy? Have done proper keyword research and used advanced SEO tools? Apart from doing all this and developing informative content for your web pages, you may feel like your work is over, but this is wrong. Probably your client cannot relate their recent growth in sales to your service simply because you have not shown it to them.

A rank tracker for Serp tracking will not only establish transparency between you and your client but also help you to evaluate your marketing strategy among other things. The main purpose of SEO is so that your website can rank high in the SERP to ensure that your potential customers can find you whenever they search for phrases related to your products or services.

Why Does SERP Ranking Matter?

In a digital and mobile-driven world, consumers search for solutions to their problems online using phrases that relate to their particular needs. In the modern market, traditional marketing campaigns such as direct mailing, printed ads, and word of mouth are slowly fading, paving the way to digital marketing. SEO is one of the most effective marketing tool in the modern market, the reason why business hires professionals and invest a lot of time digital marketing.

Knowing the Importance of SEO for Your Growing Business

If you want your SEO services to yield results for your customer, you need to ensure their website is among the top five suggestions whenever a potential customer searches for your products. Google ranks websites and android apps in the play store according to their relevance with the search query or keyword entered by the searcher for every independent search. If your website is among the top suggestions on the result page, there is a higher chance that the customer will click on your link and be direct to your website. In this way, there is higher traffic to your website, which can be converted to sales on the first or subsequent visits.

The market is however very competitive and businesses are spending a lot of time and money to take advantage of any new opportunity out there. Your site could be ranking first today and tomorrow not even be on the first page. Also, things could go wrong with your SEO leading to a quick drop in your SERP ranking. This calls for close monitoring of your site SERP rank position every now and then assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of your online marketing campaigns.

Rank SERP trackers allow you to get updates on your ranking position performance, so as to make quick fixes to remain at the top. The search engine rank tracking tool also provides daily and periodic SEO ranking reports in summary and graphs that are easy to understand. It is a useful tool to show to your client as proof of your impact on their business.

Global and Local Rank Tracking

Rank tracker for SERP rank tracking analyses both global and local search results to help you set your geographical strategies right. With accurate local search data, you can optimize your site for searches performed by the audience from your locality. The tracking tool can also track your site keyword ranking for a specific location or region of choice enabling you to locate based SEO in a given area.

Advanced Web Audit and Ranking

This is a special feature that enables you to track keyword ranking and social media channels consistently and perform a comprehensive web audit to determine how healthy your site is. Advanced web ranking is done by allowing access to marketing campaigns by an unlimited number of users, accessing global search tracking data, third-party analytical tools integrations, and provision of local data like maps and place listing.

Mobile Rank Tracking

The majority of internet users use their mobile devices to search for search engines. For this reason, Google has adjusted to focus more on the mobile index, making mobile SERP ranking very important for our site. The SERP tracker monitors your WebPages ranking on mobile search results giving you an accurate analysis of what needs improvement in your SEO planning.

Even with the best quality content which is relevant and educative, you could still be getting your SEO approach wrong. Knowing your site’s accurate position on SERP is important so that you can adjust your SEO campaign according to reality and not guesswork. Rank tracker is easy to use and affordable and carries more benefits than just pinpointing your keyword rank positions.

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