Download OnePlus 5T camera for Mi A1: OnePlus 5T is considered as one of the best Android smartphones till date. The major attraction is, of course, its dual camera! Now you can easily enable the camera features of OnePlus 5T on your Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone without root.

The OnePlus 5T camera APK port for Mi A1 (Tissot) has been done by XDA member shubham8 and you can easily install the same on Mi A1 without any fuss. Even though the APK works without root, some of the pro functions can’t be enabled by default without root.

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The normal photo mode (with the Shot On OnePlus watermark), time-lapse, 4K video recording, and the panorama modes are working fine without the root access. However, OnePlus’s famous Manual Mode doesn’t seem to work with without root access. So does the slow-motion feature!

How to Install OnePlus 5T Camera APK on Mi A1

  1. Download OnePlus 5T camera APK from here.
  2. Allow permission to install 3rd party applications (ignore if already enabled).
  3. Open the app from the app drawer and play with it.

If you’re happy with the default features, you can keep the APK as it is. But keep in mind that the revolutionary portrait mode and manual camera controls are disabled by default on the non-root version.

In case if you have root access or wish to root the device any sooner, you can easily enable the aforementioned options by following the below procedure.

How to Enable Portrait Mode & Manual Controls on OnePlus 5T Port APK

  • Download and install Build.prop editor [Link]
  • Open it and add the following string at the end of the file:
  • Save and reboot your phone and check whether you see the manual & portrait modes under settings.
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Note:  By enabling adding the above lines, you have enabled Camera2 API on Mi A1. It is an advanced Application Programming Interface which lets the users use their camera to a great extent. By enabling Camera2 API on your Xiaomi Mi A1, you can get more features out of your default Mi camera app along with RAW/DNG image support (with the help of 3rd party applications).

OnePlus 5T camera for Mi A1 has been installed successfully. If you felt any difficulties while downloading the OnePlus 5T Mi A1 camera APK port or with the installation, let us know via the comments.


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  1. Am using OnePlus 5T, though not a big fan of it’s camera app but it’s pretty better when compared with Google camera. Can you do a test between the best camera app?

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