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Download Nokia Z Launcher APK & Install (even in Rooted Phones)

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2014)

After Microsoft’s acquisition, Nokia has recently launched ‘Z Launcher’ home screen launcher which is definitely making flames in the after market. Z Laucher isn’t a typical home screen launcher like Go launcher or Nova. It’s being powered with gesture like input recognition system. After installing Z Launcher in your phone, you may simply draw a letter in the home screen and Z will bring all apps, contacts and Google searches in the result.

Being intelligent doesn’t mean you can customize it like the Nova Prime. It has only limited functionality but as it’s in pre-beta state, it’s your fault that you expect more. The home screen is arranged with a clock widget and calender along with a list of apps including contacts. The way Z launcher adds these items is quite brilliant. It collects your usage habits, data transfer scheme and usage priorities. The items in the home screen are listed with respect to the data collected by the launcher from your routines.

 Nokia Z Launcher Compatible List

At this moment, Z launcher is only compatible with the flagships and they don’t (officially) support other devices. But we have got a hack to install the Z Launcher in other devices as well. Here are the devices which is compatible to the launcher.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Galaxy S4
  • Galaxy S3
  • Moto X
  • Nexus 5
  • Sony Zperia Z1&Z2
  • HTC One

How to Install Nokia Z Launcher in Other Devices

We have got the unofficial APK and you just need to install it casually. That’s it. However here’s how.

  1. Download the Z Launcher apk file from here.
  2. Copy the file to your phone.
  3. Choose it with any file manager and install.
  4. After installing it, open it from the launcher and play with it.

How to Install Z Launcher in Rooted Phone

They currently don’t allow rooted users to use Z Launcher. I think it’s because of the compatibility issue and chance of conflicting with other launcher. However, being a superuser we do always have a solution. I think you might have heard of Xposed framework. There’s a module called RootCloak which allows you hide the root status of your phone to certain apps. You can cloak certain commands as well. Here’s how rooted users can install Z Launcher in phone with RootCloak Xposed module.

  • First of all download the apk from the above link and install. You may open the app to see the status. As I have rooted my phone, I got this message initially.

z launcher apk download

  • You have to install Xposed framework now. In order to activate the Xposed framework, go to ‘Framework’ menu and click on ‘Install’. It will require you to reboot. After reboot, search and download ‘RootCloak’ module. It may look like this.

rootcloak xposed module

  • Now activate it from the framework menu and reboot your phone again to take changes into affect. After rebooting, open the RootCloak app and click on ‘Add an App’ option from the right top. Choose the Z Launcher from the list. Check the below screenshot.

z launcher apk

  • After adding the Z Launcher from the list. Check on the main screen of rootcloak whether it’s been successfully added.
  • In this last step, you may head on to Settings>Apps>Running and choose Z Launcher. Tap it and force close it. Now return to the home screen of the phone and open Z Launcher. You have successfully hidden the root status for this launcher and can use it with an ease like this.

nokia z launcher apk download rooted


The screen resolution may not be fit for some devices. So the alignment of the launcher will dislocate slightly. Being in the home screen, You can swipe right to input a space, swipe left to delete the last character and swipe left twice to delete the whole operation.

I hope you have enjoyed the post. Let me know how you feel about this Nokia Z Launcher and also let us know if you felt any difficulties while installing Z Launcher in rooted phones. Download Z Launcher apk and have fun.

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