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Last updated on September 2nd, 2021 at 11:28 am

Though Google announced lots of new products in the latest I/O event, the most anticipated one was the next version of android ; Android M. Google obviously didn’t name it properly but we all knew it would be code named as M, as the previous versions were in alphabetical sequence. Just after after Lollipop, the Android M sets a trend in the technological lounges.

Google has already released the developer preview builds of Android M for the Nexus lines and the round-headed geeks were able to extract the Android M built-in launcher, ringtones, wallpapers , apps and even boot animation for the public. Here you can download the Android M properties and try it on your phone running above KitkKat.

android m launcher

As far as I tried, the ringtones and boot animations are almost similar (or the same) to the Lollipop ones. But the new Android M launcher is a great replacement for the trebuchet (if you’re using CM) or the stock KitKat/Lollipop launcher. The Android M camera is obviously perfect for a hassle-free photography but some features say, HDR will force close.

Here I combine the Android M Apps, launcher, wallpapers, ringtones and boot animation along with the installation guide. Make sure you’ve got a rooted phone (that’s why you’re reading this huh?) and a touch with any root browser, I prefer root explorer.

Android M Features that you Can Download From Here

  • New Launcher (Velvet)
  • Camera
  • Wallpapers
  • Boot animation
  • Ringtones

Download Android M Packages & Apps

  • Android M Complete Bundle –
  • (Flash separately it if you’re having problems on camera after flashing all in one package)
  • Play-Music.apk
  • Google-Camera.apk
  • Velvet.apk (Launcher)

How to Install Android M Apps on your Phone Running in KitKat/Lollipop

  1. Make sure you make a nandroid backup of the current ROM.
  2. Download the Android M package from above links and put it in the SD card.
  3. Reboot your phone into recovery and flash the downloaded Android M ZIP package.
  4. Reboot and Emm it. 😀

Hope you’re excited to try the all new Android M features in your phone. Let’s know if you’ve any problems while flashing the packages or installing the apps. Keep in mind that, always place the apks in the correct folder using root explorer and set permission r-w-r-r.

We will update the Android M laucher, camera, ringtones and boot animations once we get the updates from the source. Until then, you can try these Android M packages and show it off among your friends.

Credits: All these packages and screenshots are directly taken from the official XDA thread and we haven’t done any effort to bring you these cool features apart from writing this blog post. So, head on to the original thread (HERE) and hit thanks to the developer.


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