Distribution Ideas For Flyers and Leaflets in Offline Marketing


Marketing and advertising are critical for successful brand campaigns. Offline marketing relies on print media to circulate information about a new business, product, or brand in a market. Oppizi is a reliable brand to help you distribute marketing leaflets to a target audience.

Leaflet distribution for small business

Startup businesses are up against big brands in the market. Therefore, marketing efforts should reach the target audience effectively to drive traffic and increase leads.

Leaflets are an effective offline marketing strategy because they’re small and contain relevant information. A business can mass produce leaflets to distribute to a widespread population. Here are the points to consider when preparing marketing leaflets.

  • The target audience

It is critical to identify your target audience. You can describe the best-suited customers in terms of age, sex, occupation, and locality. Learn your audience’s likes and preferences before producing the marketing leaflets. Background information helps you customize the leaflet information to reflect your customer needs.

  • The distribution method

How do you intend to distribute the leaflet to your target audience? Is your target audience in a school or employees in a specific institution? Maximize one-time-mass distribution by strategizing the distribution period. For instance, if your target audience is the working class population, you can distribute the leaflets in the morning as they wait in the traffic jam. Similarly, you can distribute the marketing leaflets in the evening as factory workers leave for home.

  • Make handy leaflets

It is critical to determine the appropriate size of leaflet for your audience. Small-sized leaflets are handy and convenient for your audience. Big-sized leaflets are bothersome and receive a significant drop rate. (number of leaflets dropped on the floor) . Large, thick leaflets can put prevent your audience off and prevent them from picking and pocketing materials.

  • Mail the leaflets

You can also post marketing-leaflets to your existing clients. You may require paying a small fee for postage or courier. Posting the leaflets to your target audience can be a one-off event or an occasional tradition. For instance, you can send the leaflet alongside a birthday card or seasonal greetings letter.

  • Enclose the leaflet in packaged orders

You can take advantage of packaged goods and attach marketing leaflets. For instance, if you trade online, you can attach a leaflet inside the customer’s goods. Packaging leaflets and goods delivered are effective because the client will be curious to read the content. Information on such leaflets includes discount vouchers, offers, the latest products, and incentives. Further, the leaflets can include a contact address and social media accounts to encourage customer interaction.

  • Request relevant shops for pick-as-you-go tills

You can request selected outlets to allow you to display stacks of marketing leaflets for customers to pick up on their way out. You can give an incentive to the shop owner so they can allow facilitating picking.


Leaflets are handy because of their size. They can circulate widely in a populous target audience. You can distribute them during peak hours or send them with packaged products. Further, you can post leaflets to your existing clients or insert them in publications such as periodicals.

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