Direct Mail Marketing is Hard Work, But the Rewards Are Amazing!


Direct mail for land investing is advertising targeted directly at consumers or businesses. The key’s that the particular physical advertisement goes directly into the hands of the targeted person. there’s nothing within the middle to distract the recipient, sort of a magazine, a newspaper, or a radio.

In addition, good spam always includes a “call-to-action.” this suggests requesting that the recipient makes a call, sends an email, or goes to an internet site for more information. Other sorts of marketing often only spread the company’s word or message in a vague way.

The other advantage of spam land marketing is that you simply can track and measure the results. If you send 1000 letters, and 100 people respond, you recognize you’ve got achieved a tenth response rate.


Direct mail marketing requires effort.

Direct mail is not as easy as simply placing an ad during a newspaper or on an ad. So, why try it? Because it works!

If you place a billboard during a newspaper it’s nearly impossible to understand what percentage people see it and what the effect is. But with spam, you recognize exactly what percentage mailings you’ve got sent out. And if your mailing features a low response rate you recognize you’ve got to form changes subsequent time around. But if it is a huge success you recognize you should not change a thing.

And the best reason of all to use direct mail? Because it’s created millionaires in many industries… including land investing.

If you follow the proven steps – the steps the pros have honed to an art over the last 50 years – spam is one of the simplest marketing methods available.

Direct mail marketing strategies for land investors:

1) Target your market

Choose your market and choose your customers. As cost-effective as spam marketing is, it is often a waste of your time and money if you spread your resources too thin and market to everyone.

After all, one good lead is more valuable than 100 bad leads. The solution? Choose your target market, and obtain the maximum amount value out of that market as you most likely can.

2) Start small

Even the most important companies test the waters by mailing to a little group before mailing out many sales letters. this is often especially important for smaller land investors.

3) Continual follow-up

Don’t just mail once and stop. Studies have shown that every time you create contact with a possible customer or client the more likely it’s that you’re going to make the sale. Don’t hand over on the primary try.

4) Never stop educating yourself about marketing

There are incredible resources out there: books, blogs, and seminars about marketing for land investors. What worked last year won’t work today in marketing, so you’ve got to stay abreast of what the pros are saying about the topic. In short, the more you recognize the higher off you’re.

5) Test, test, test!

The simplest investors make it the highest by continually learning, testing, and improving their marketing campaigns. Use a spreadsheet or an easy database to stay track of your mailings and responses.

Possible target groups for spam marketing:

Bankruptcy – People browsing a bankruptcy often got to get obviate their houses quickly. Check your local court documents for bankruptcy filings and names of contacts.

Divorce – even as with bankruptcy, people browsing divorce often want to unload their houses quickly.

Death – Estates with property, especially those divided among multiple heirs, often got to be liquidated quickly. Quick sales are often more important to the sellers than getting the very best price, so there are often great opportunities to urge cheap land.

Pre-Foreclosure – Homeowners who are behind on their mortgages often would rather just sell their properties than undergo a lengthy foreclosure process.

Delinquent taxes – thanks to the facility of the IRS and native and state governments, many householders are forced to sell their homes once they drag on their taxes.

Direct mail marketing overview:

Be professional – Not only in your marketing but also in your manner when handling homeowners. Your marketing message should clearly communicate the advantages you’re offering your customers.

Repeat, repeat, repeat – Remember, it takes multiple messages and multiple contacts for a seller to make a decision that you simply are “real” and devour the phone to call you.

Always be positive – Don’t waste some time dismissing your competition or putting them down. Not only is that this a billboard for your competition, but it causes you to look unprofessional and distracts from your message. Tell your clients why you’re the simplest, and tell them why choosing you is that the only logical choice.

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