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The popularity of eCommerce is increasing each day and it has become a part of the revolutionary change. So, it is critical that your business should stay up to date with new developments and trends in the eCommerce field. The world is moving digital in response to the pandemic. This change in approach has affected the world of marketing as well.

The rapidly evolving COVID-19 exposes society’s dependence on the internet. Now, people search on Google to check prices and compare the products with similar items from competitors. It is really hard to predict customer interests and behaviors. You must strategize marketing efforts to attract consumers to your eCommerce store with engaging and relevant content to increase revenue.

Artificial Intelligence

The digital marketing plan evolves with the user attitude and interest. To reach the exact population, an eCommerce store should adopt intelligent digital marketing techniques. This can be achieved with the help of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can analyze customer behavior and search patterns. The data obtained from social media platforms help businesses understand how users find products and services from the internet.

AI enables an eCommerce store to recommend products uniquely suited to online shoppers. It enhances the customer service experience using chat support by providing more detailed information to the consumer. Also, automation in digital advertising improves efficiency and conversion rate.

Video Marketing

More users are now interacting with videos than anytime before. This is the reason why video is dominating in online content trends. Also, you have numerous options to reformat your video content. Latest studies and surveys state that more than 60% of consumers watch videos to confirm online purchase decisions. Most people depend on YouTube to help them solve a problem.

It is not really surprising that video marketing has shot up in 2020 amidst the pandemic. Video content marketing is expected to reach 85% of total consumer internet traffic by the end of 2022. There are plenty of content distribution strategies to share your video via social media. The uncertainty of COVID-19 may stay around us, though with the evolution of such trends we are hopeful of sustained economic development.

Social Messaging Apps

Many eCommerce stores in the United States alone lose $2 trillion for customers abandoning a brand due to poor customer support. Social messaging apps are gaining popularity and now brands are migrating from their live chat platforms to social media applications. Customer support is essential for any eCommerce venture to succeed and the biggest merit of the promotion of the messaging app is that it provides a quick response. The customers are more active on mobile phones and instant messaging apps when compared to traditional social media platforms.

Visual Search

The eCommerce stores should start adapting to visual search technology. With visual search capabilities, it is possible to improve the user’s experience on the web. The technology is still in its initial phase, but recent trends and advancements reveal how quickly it can thrive. Currently, giants including Google, Amazon, Pinterest, and Microsoft have implemented visual technology to enhance search queries. It has applications in eCommerce, business, and even in real-world scenarios.

Push Notifications

Managing an eCommerce venture is a complex task that requires so much more than just selling products and services. This is more significant now as online shopping is growing stronger each day and new competitors are arising. eCommerce businesses make use of a variety of techniques to grow traffic to the website. Introducing push notifications helps your website visitors to opt-in to timely updates from you and re-engage them with customized content. It is essential that you take the right steps in implementing website push notifications with a well-designed plan.

Content Marketing

Users on the internet come across various types of content every day. Since people are stuck at home due to the present pandemic situation, they are forced to use technology to stay connected to the world. This is another reason why digital content is becoming a more important part of online purchases. Placing the right content on suitable platforms help eCommerce companies strengthen their brand image, which can in turn increase traffic and chances of conversions. Content marketing strategies serve the purpose of bringing value to the customers apart from the product or service.

Personalized Email Campaign

You must invest in email marketing to grow your eCommerce business in 2021. Out of the most common digital marketing strategies, email campaigns generate the highest return on investment (ROI). It is the most influential source of information for B2B customers as well. You can send emails to prospects with relevant offers and recommendations based on their interests. Studies reveal that more than 80% of consumers who have experienced personalization believe that it has an important impact on their buyer journey.

Website Security

Website security is a top priority in digital marketing. It is very important to ensure that the customer’s information is safe and secure in the cyber world. Search engines like Google consider HTTPS as a ranking signal and mark every website as unsafe unless it has an HTTPS certification.

Voice Search and Voice Interaction

Voice search is a significant marketing tool for eCommerce companies. Virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri are a few examples of some great platforms that are exceptionally successful with handling question-driven voice search. As customers continue to embrace virtual assistants, eCommerce store owners and online retailers must learn how to optimize their websites to rank in the upcoming era of speech.

User Experience and Page Speed

Google confirmed the importance of user experience in ranking a website. A couple of months ago, the search engine giant announced a new set of metrics to measure the speed and UX of sites. This update is expected to go live sometime in 2021 and now it is the time for digital marketers to prepare!

eCommerce is on the rise at a steady pace all over the world. Because of huge competition, it is challenging to meet the demands of buyers with changes in technology and consumer habits. You must strive to embrace new technologies and improve conversions by leveraging digital marketing trends.

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