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How to Delete Undeletable files in your PC

(Last Updated On: September 26, 2013)

So you are encountering with how to delete “undeletable” files from your PC? If you are quite annoyed by it and wanna delete it then here’s a How-to guide for it! Here you GO!


  1. Close all running applications over the PC, ensure out that no task in occurring in back.
  2. Click Start Button, Go to Run, and then type CMD and simply press Enter
  3. Now, don’t close the application, let it run in the background. You simply hit Ctrl + Alt + delete and click on Start task manager.
  4. Now after getting into it, click under process tab.
  5. In the list, locate Highlight explorer.exe and below it click on end process to kill it.
  6. Now, do not close the Task Manager, leave it open. So you will get two windows : Task manager and Run
  7.  In cmd change directory to the directory which contains that undeletable file.
  8. Once again in the cmd,  type Del filename and press Enter.(Filename is the name of undeleteble file which you kept)
  9. So all your problems are solved, and the file has been deleted forever, but to regain the system you have to create a new process too!
  10. Open task manager
  11. Click on  file and click on New task.
  12. After that, you would soon see a popup where you create a new task and name it under Explorer.exe and press enter

So this is all, after that you should close both cmd and task manager. And Voila! Your task has been done!



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  • very useful information shared from your side.many of people had face problem like this.This is the easiest way to delete it.
    Keep sharing..:)


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