Cyber Criminals do not just target large corporations but also small and medium businesses. Cybercriminals are just waiting for a minor security breach that would give them access to your data, which is something extremely confidential.

Small businesses are attacked more than large businesses since they are not heavily protected. Cyber-attacks are set to obtain personal data that gives them leverage over your credit card along with identity theft.

Therefore, it is vital to make sure your business has a secure network and also a cyber essentials toolkit to combat all the online threats. Here are some essential Cyber Security tips for small and medium businesses that can be implemented today to avoid becoming a victim of a cyber-attack.

Tips to avoid cyber-attack:

1. Using a Firewall

This is, in fact, the first line of defense when it comes to cyber-attacks. The Federal Communications Commission FCC recommends that all small and medium businesses should have a barrier and cyber essentials protocol that controls the amount of data exchanged between online parties.

There are both internal and external firewalls available that are serving the purpose of cyber protection. Checkout this firewall hardware guide for additional information.

2. Document your protocols

Commonly, businesses ponder over cybersecurity depending upon word of mouth instead of documenting your cybersecurity. It is essential to keep a note of the training, checklists, along with all the relevant information that is linked to the protection of online businesses. Consider the details toolkit for documenting cybersecurity.

3. Include mobile devices in your plan

It is always a great idea to connect smartwatches, mobile phones, etc. with official notifications. Include these devices in your plan as they have wireless capability. Companies should also propose to their employees regarding the task of applying the password policy to all the mobile devices.

4. Educate employees

Another vital tip that small and medium businesses should be aware of to combat cyber threats. All the staff members that have access to the company’s network should be given adequate training to help them be mindful of all the security policies.

With more protocols being introduced every day regarding cybercriminals, the staff should be given regular updates. It would help them stay on the same page. Every staff member should be held accountable. You can do that by making them sign documents and understand the risks involved with carelessness.

5. Highlight the importance of safe passwords

Changing your password is always a pain, especially when you must capitalize letters and add numbers. However, there is a lot of significance that lies in enforcing safe password practices. According to research conducted by Verizon 2016, it was highlighted that 63 percent of the accidents related to data breaches that took place was because of weak or stolen passwords or merely an ineffective cyber essentials tool.

Therefore, corporations should highlight the importance of secure passwords and should provide active training sessions on this topic. It is recommended to use passwords that have uppercase letters too along with numbers and symbols.

6. Back update regularly

This is something most of the corporations fail to do. While being so involved in work, corporations often forget to back update automatically. This can prevent multiple attacks, even if you have taken care of many things.

It is recommended to back up databases, electronic spreadsheets, financial files, human resource files, account data, etc. You can store them on the cloud in a location separate from your other content. It is also a good idea to keep a check on your backdate to ensure it is running correctly.

Moreover, other tips include installing anti-malware software, cyber essentials certification and using multifactor identification. These tips will help avoid several cyber-attacks.


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