3 Effective Ways To Protect Your Child From Cyber Bullying



Bullying begins quite early; some kids in preschool start showing an outrageous and dominant behaviour towards other kids. This behaviour grows with passing time and turns more violent as kids grow. Majority of kids admit to bullying at least one fellow classmate. Bullying becomes a prevalent part of their nature and this can be dangerous for other kids who get bullied. So if you have a child, whom you doubt is being bullied at school or neighbourhood – you should take some serious steps to stop the bullying!

Cyber Bullying
Cyber Bullying

Even though bullying is bad, Cyber Bullying is far more worse. It can happen anytime and can start from anything. But the good thing is that it’s easily stoppable.

What Is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber bullying is when a kid, either mid schooler or a teen gets threatened, tormented, humiliated, harassed, picked up on, or targeted by other child (in most of the cases it turns out to be a group of kids). Usually this kind of bullying takes places over internet or through the technology for e.g. smartphones.

If you let your kids use social networking websites such as Facebook and twitter, then you probably should have access to their accounts so that you can keep a check on their accounts for any suspicious activities. The reason why you should be doing this is because many kids restrain to inform their parents when they’re being bullied. They don’t warn their guardians, teachers or anybody who could help them out – all cause of fear!

We have compiled a list of the best ways to keep your child safe from bullying (this is a preventive list). As long as you take steps to ensure your child’s safety, you can help your child say no to his/her bully!


  1. If your child is addicted to their smartphones, simply put time constraints on their smartphone. For example, you can take away their phones at night time, or perhaps you can turn their phone off for specific hours. This will be beneficial for your child, especially if your child has been bullied. Also this will let them sleep easily.


  1. You may also want to keep a check on your child’s laptop. Go through their web history, drives etc. Also tell them to use it more openly, for example when you all are in living room, or spending time together. This will let you analyze their behavior and you will be able to see whether they’re tensed, worried, or flustered. Maybe you can talk about their issues and intervene if you see early signs of cyberbullying.


  1. If you know that your child is quite a techy according to his/her age, then you probably know that they might be covering up all their tracks while surfing internet. This is where you need to stay one step ahead and butt in. You can take help of a spying app to monitor smartphone or use a parental control software to monitor their system.You can check out some best cell phone spy software at SpyEngage a place where you will find detailed review of cell phone monitoring software. Since most of these apps are stealth, these can be easily installed in the smartphone or computer and your child won’t know anything.


Summing it up, it’s definitely a challenge to deal with your child being bullied or to protect them from being bullied, and open up with them in terms of making a healthy relationship. Bullying happens everyday, just make sure that your child isn’t its victim; all your butting in will be favorable for your child’s future. All the best!

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By Sayantan Mahato

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