Customer Service–The Most Important Thing You Might be Missing out on

Customer Service: Plugging in to Technology

We are entering the age where if you want your business to succeed, you need to be present and active on social media.  What do we mean by social media?  We’re talking about Facebook and Twitter.  Although there are other networks, such as Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the main social networks that businesses use. The problem with social media however, is that often you or your employees aren’t used to dealing with customer service online, and so you might be saying the wrong things and potentially driving customers away.  If you read on, you will find some useful points in avoiding bad online customer service, and instead you’ll be able to provide good service.



The first thing you will have to deal with online is complaints.  Customers will be upset about poor service, lack of products, or even the removal of a product from your shelves. What you have to realise however, is that everyone can see the complaint.  So unless you deal with it in a timely fashion, more people will see this unresolved problem and be more inclined to give your business a skip. What you will need to do then goes as follows:  If it’s a complaint about poor service, the first thing you must do is apologise and let the customer know that you are looking into it. After you have resolved the issue, let the customer know, either privately or publicly.  If it’s to do with products -or a lack thereof-, again, apologise and try to provide the customer a means of getting their much-needed product.


General Comments and Feedback:

The second area you will have to deal with, will be feedback, as well as general comments about your company.  These comments could be anything from “I just bought something from -your company name-!”, to “When do you open?”, to “Thank you for the product I just bought!”.  You are going to need to reply to each and every message if you want to provide good customer service.  However, how do you reply to those messages?  Well, general questions are easy to answer, but be polite in your replies, and address the customer by name.  If someone is announcing that they have been at your company, reply with a “It was so nice you have you at our company”. You need to make the customer feel special, like they matter on a singular level to you.  Another way you can accomplish this, is by writing messages and doing services that won’t benefit your company monetarily, but won’t cost anything either.  Examples of this would be re-tweeting a post someone said regarding your company or product, and complimenting them about it.  If you show that you care, without any hidden agendas, your customers will love you.


The final word:

Although this all may sound extremely complicated, I assure you that it’s not.  All you need to do is write down a few key words and use them as a basic guideline for your online customer service.  These key words are simple, and easy to remember.  These are “politeness”, “helpfulness”, and “honesty”.  You know the saying “The customer is always right”, so take it to heart.  If they have a problem, resolve is publicly and quickly.  If they have a compliment, accept it and return the favour.  If they have a comment that’s neither good nor bad, try to swing your reply in a way that puts them in a good light.  Making your customer feel special costs nothing, but will earn everything.

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Kamy Anderson is an eLearning advocate who has a passion for writing on innovative and emerging technologies in the areas of corporate training and education. He has years of experience working with ProProfs eLearning Development and learning management systems; and is an expert when it comes to developing and implementing LMS Best Practices. With his background in learning pedagogy, higher education and virtual learning, Kamy is an ed-tech enthusiast who likes nothing better than to explore and write on technology and learning trends.


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