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Designing a banner that will affect your targeted audience that you hope for can prove challenging. Many factors need to be taken into consideration. It’s unlike any other marketing concept that you may use in the digital format, and it will be presented in a far different medium.

Banners require the reader to grasp the information being presented immediately and do so, at times, from a significant distance. That means that you or the professionals responsible for creating the sign like Printmoz, need to ensure that these elements are realized. These have the capability of being massively successful or significantly ineffective based on how they are designed, displayed, and implemented.

Creating Effective Advertising Banners

Banners remain an excellent medium for businesses to promote their brand to the preferred demographic in their surrounding area. There is a multitude of factors that deem the signage effective in doing so, including the design, the display placement, and how the signs are implemented for the company.

In many cases, especially with small business owners, time constraints, and business obligations make it challenging devoting time to effective marketing strategies such as this. Incorporating the assistance of an agency to develop adequate material to represent what you hope to present to your target audience is typically much more conducive to overall success. Some factors that play into the overall effectiveness of the advertising concept are:

  • The placement of the signs:  One of the first things you want to consider is where you intend to put the signs when you create them. That is among the primary thought processes because it will determine the size and potentially the material that you use along with the overall design scheme. Coloring, theme, all of that is based on whether this will be presented on the outside or inside. An exterior sign will need to be bold enough to be seen from a great distance, whereas inside, a more muted tone will be satisfactory. For advice on how to make this tool work for your business go to
  • Legible font and text:  Regardless of where this marketing tool will be placed, it needs to be readable and significant for the consumer to be able to read it and do so instantly without having to stop and take it in. You don’t want to use a script that is difficult to understand or a smaller text that can’t be deciphered from far away. No one will pay attention to either. It’s also essential to make it bold so that it stands out from anything else that you’ve incorporated into the piece.
  • Pretty fonts are not marketable: Using a font that is pretty to attract attention is going to do the opposite. The sign doesn’t have to read as ‘pretty.’ That’s what the graphics are for. The text is to promote. Most businesses should employ a bold sans-serif which claims to be the most readable for the customer. You are advertising to your consumer with this tool, hoping to draw them in with your promotion. If they can’t read it, there will be no results. Flamboyance has no place with the text in your banner.
  • Simplicity is of utmost importance: No one wants to project a message that a preferred demographic needs to try to interpret or decipher. It needs to be simple, so they immediately get it. Most of the more successful banners are extremely basic in content consisting of only a few simple words. The reason is that a sign needs to be able to convey your message in an instant in as little content as possible without the need to stop and think. None of the audience will have time to read paragraphs of text as many of them will be on their way to something either driving or walking past. When the sign is created, remove anything that is simply not necessary in the content and communicate what you have to say succinctly.
  • Convey the relevant information:  In saying that, all the necessary information must be conveyed in that brief context. That means that a lot of careful thought and consideration needs to be put into the message to make a powerful representation of what it is you hope to achieve. The idea when creating this is to keep in mind the end goal and include only text that will help to produce those results. Don’t clutter the design with unnecessary information.
  • Images, graphics, photos of high quality:  The images are going to be what ultimately catches the attention of those who pass by or drive by typically from far away. They have the capacity to reinforce the message you want to project and communicate a specific emotion that may come across for those viewing it even without the need for text.
  • The brand is of primary importance: All the elements that you incorporate into the design of the banner needs to speak of your brand. The emotion that it brings, the text spoken, the images projected, even the colors implemented, need to represent what the brand represents. When your preferred demographic sees this signage, they need to see the brand and want to know more. It should entice them to come for more, whether it be to the store, the website, it doesn’t matter, but ultimately the goal is for their interest and for them to become a paying customer. Follow to learn why banners are important.

Banners may deem an old-school approach to marketing compared to the technological advances that the digital age has brought us. Everyone is on the internet, social media, mobile devices. But, people are still driving by businesses and walking past the companies, going to trade shows and conventions.

They take notice of these banners, and it strikes up their interest to the point that they take that next step to check it out. The right signage is going to bring a person to that company and convert that consumer into a loyal customer. These deem the most strategic of marketing tools.

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