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Swiggy, as we all know, is one of the most loved food delivery applications among food lovers. Swiggy is receiving almost 1.5 million orders every day because of its amazing features and popularity. It is a trending platform and the business model has resulted in high yieldings.

This competitive edge of Swiggy is the reason why many business verticals are planning to enter the food delivery business and create an app like Swiggy to succeed in the same. As per the current market, the food delivery market is the most remunerative one. So, this is the right time to grab the opportunity and make huge profits out of it.

Swiggy clone app development is ever-increasing in demand given the emergence of food delivery applications and the lucrative nature of the Swiggy business model. Here are some of the reasons why Swiggy clone is the most opted.

  • Minimum investment
  • Simple navigation
  • Less maintenance
  • Ready-to-launch
  • Rich Features
  • Increased customer base

Now let us know what are factors to be noted while you are about to create an app like Swiggy for your food delivery business.

Essential Aspects to Consider While Developing a Swiggy Clone

#1 Stakeholders to Include

All the food delivery applications mostly come with this set of stakeholders. Swiggy’s business model also incorporates the same and makes sure all these user ends are available in your platform.

  • Customer Application

Allows customers to order food, track orders in real-time, interact with the delivery agent, pay fr the order, and review the services offered.

  • Delivery Executive Application

Enables delivery executives to accept and reject delivery requests, manage their profiles, set availability, and track their earnings.

  • Restaurant Panel

The restaurant owner can receive orders, categorize the food menu, earn a commission, assign delivery agents, manage inventory, etc.,

  • Admin Panel

Overall app operations can be monitored and managed by the admin using the intuitive admin panel with a powerful dashboard capable of handling multi-tasks.

#2 Features to be Added

All the below-mentioned are must-add features in a Swiggy clone. On top of these features, your own business-specific customized features can also be included in the application.

  • Easy Login

Users can easily log in to the app with email, social media credentials, or phone numbers.

  • Live Updates

All the latest app upgrades, new updates in-app services, and offers will be lively updated to all the user roles.

  • In-app Chat

This feature allows interaction between the customer and the delivery agent to clarify order-related queries.

  • Real-time Tracking

Real-time tracking aims at offering the users tracking the live location of the delivery agent, order status, arrival time, etc.,

  • Optimized Routes

The delivery agents can reach the customers’ location and deliver the order on time using the optimized Google-maps routes integrated with the application.

  • Dashboard

The intuitive dashboard comes with all necessary options for the admin to control all the app operations from a single place.

  • Multiple Payment Options

By incorporating many payment methods, the customers’ payment process will be eased. Include card payments, wallet payments, COD, net banking, etc., in the app payment options.

  • Feedback System

This field allows the customer to review and rate the services offered by the delivery executive, food quality, and app services.

  • Advanced Analytics Generation

The advanced report generation features allow the admin to nail down the business progression and make use of the analytics for future expansion.

#3 Process to Follow

The best applications are developed by following the best development practices. Make sure to follow a strategic and streamlined clone app development process to ensure the developed app will be usable and robust.

  1. App ideation
  2. Requirement Gathering
  3. Design and Wireframes
  4. Clone App Customization
  5. App launch
  6. Maintenance and Support

#4 Cost Estimation

The cost of development is comparatively lower for Swiggy clone app development than the development of a whole food delivery solution from scratch. However, the cost of development is there and it subjects to the following aspects,

  • Number of features to be added
  • Customization level needed for the business app
  • Revenue streams to be incorporated
  • Additional plug-ins to be integrated
  • Resources needed for Swiggy clone app development
  • Tech stack required
  • Code complexity

#5 Picking the Right Development Partner

Last but the most crucial aspect is to settle down for the right clone app development partner who is adept at developing industry-best clone solutions, aligns with market trends, uses modern technology, and suits your business needs. Conduct in-depth research, look for portfolios, check their domain expertise, and make a completely satisfying checklist before you partner with a clone app development company.

How to Choose the Right Food Delivery App for Your Food Business

Summing Up

To develop a Swiggy takes a lot of creative ideas, innovations, and development techniques to make your app stand out among the other existing food delivery applications. Make sure your users will be satisfied with your application along with the imparted features ad functionalities. An MVP release might also give a helping hand to arrive at customer feedback before launch. Get guidance from top-class experts, pick the right development partner, and join the food delivery business race soon with an optimized and reliable Swiggy clone app!

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