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For a person with a huge number of data in the form of pictures, music and videos needs to have a backup of all those data in his computer because a simple human error can result in deletion of those pictures and videos forever. The software Coolmuster iPad, iPhone and iPod to computer transfer can help the users to backup all their data to a computer from their portable iOS device with some click of buttons.

The main features that sets this software apart from other similar software in the market includes:

  • You can transfer any file formats including photos,videos and music from any apple device to Mac without much complexities and hassles.
  • Availability of advanced searches and filter options that helps the user to search and filter the results so as to locate his appropriate file within the shortest possible time. The top panel in the user interface of the software
  • The software is constantly updated and is compatible with all the present generations of the iDevices such as iPhones, iPads and iPods.
  • Different modes of views including thumbnail views are available for the users for their ease of access. These viewing modes help the user to easily locate their target data easily and efficiently.
  • The files and folders of different types and formats are arranged and grouped together under different panels so as to make the searching of the needed data much simpler and easier.

This software as mentioned above, is specially recommended for all those people with huge files and data in their iDevice. These is ideal software for all kinds’ people such as for the people with movies and songs addiction, for the people with a large number of office documents and files and for the people who takes a lot of clicks with their iDevice cameras. Whatever the case be, the data from any iDevice can be transferred to your mac or computer with a simple click and the best part of this is that, operating this software demands no special computer or programming knowledge.

coolmuster transfer

With the simplest and the most attractive user interface, Coolmuster iPad iPhone and iPod to Mac transfer can also be used not only for just viewing the photos and videos but also to directly stream the songs and videos from the iDevice in your Mac system.


  • Need to have at least MAC OS X v 10.6 version or later to run this software
  • Need a system that have PowerPC G4/G5 or Intel processor or an equivalent under its hood
  • Need a free hard disk space of at least 30 mega bytes.
  • Need a Super VGA ram or later to run this software with at least (800X600) resolution

The commonly supported formats for the files includes:

VIDEO: M Peg 4 video file (MP4), Movie Quick Time File (MOV), M4V

AUDIO: MP3, M4A, AAC, AIF, Windows audio file format (WAC)


OTHERS: Playlists, TV shows, file folders, E books, voice memos and audio books

With all the features that you may ever need for transferring a file, the software, Coolmuster iPad iPhone and iPod to MAC transfer is a must try. The software however has a price and have a trial version available in the market for trying and testing purposes. The trial version have a restricted access to the features and options whereas the full version gives you the ultimate access.

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