Comprehensive Guide to the COMPTIA A+ Exam. Why Test Prep Courses Are Important?


Your communication skills can take you to places abroad. But first, you have to hone those skills further and pass the standard English proficiency test. One such exam which is highly renowned and widely accepted in English-speaking universities worldwide is the Test of English as a Foreign Language (COMPTIA A+).

Though both Certbolt IELTS and A+ Practice Test test your abilities in speaking, listening, writing, and reading with the English language, they differ substantially with their format, scoring, teaching criteria, approach/tasks, etc. Moreover, IELTS uses more British English while COMPTIA A+ uses American English in assessing candidates. You may also hear other accents like New American, New Zealand, Australian, and British as well.

In this post, let us brief you about each of the sections of the CompTIA A+ exam and tell you how you can improve your scores using credible test prep courses.


You’ll be only given 17 minutes to complete 4 items of the speaking section ― one of them is the ‘independent speaking task’, wherein you will be asked your opinion on everyday topics. The remaining three are ‘integrated speaking tasks’, where you have to create a response to a given passage and recording.

Since you will answer in the microphone, with no actual face-to-face interview, you have to practice modulating your voice. Through various test prep courses and lots of practicing, you’ll learn how to express and articulate your ideas clearly and correctly.


This section requires you to write two separate essays within just 50 minutes. In the actual exam, you will be given a text about a certain topic to read on and a short lecture to listen to. Then, you will have 20 minutes to make your response to a question related to the topic. The remaining 30 minutes you’ll spend on writing an essay on a given theme.

To prepare for this, you can use sample texts and recordings. You may also try listening to podcasts and then reading the articles related to the discussion. Afterward, try to summarize in an essay what you have read and heard altogether.


Three or four academic passages will be given for you to read to check your vocabulary as well as understanding and comprehension of the text through subsequent questions. Respectively, you can be asked to define some words, determine the main idea, or identify the false statement.

It’s important for you to read sample passages in practice tests to be able to keep track of your pace of reading and vocabulary and improve these if needed.


Different recordings will be given to you in this part of the exam: 2-3 conversations and 3-4 lectures. Questions based on these recordings will not only test your ability to comprehend the information you just heard but also your skills in distinguishing the speaker’s emotions. Remember to take notes so as not to miss anything important.

During preparation, listen to various accents to avoid getting confused on the main assessment and try answering follow-up questions provided in CompTIA A+ Practice Test .


If you’re a non-English native speaker, such an exam will prove your ability to compete and thrive in a foreign country. All in all, the test will only take about 3 hours but the scores you’ll get will attest to your academic English skills in the long run. Make use of reliable test prep courses and pass this exam to establish your place in English-speaking universities!


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