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Mistakes are inevitable. Everyone tends to make mistakes. It can be big or small, and a lot of these mistakes are avoidable. In Email Marketing, which is essential is digital marketing, especially in building backlinks and collaboration with influencers. There are a lot of mistakes that marketers can commit. However, some of those mistakes are avoidable if the outreach team knew them.

With the numerous mistakes in email marketing, here are some tips from expert marketers from Johnny Chen Marketing and the most common ones that marketers need to avoid.

1. Sending without testing

Having confidence will serve success to marketers. However, they must not forget that they are in the middle of the competitive world of the digital era. One common mistake that marketers often commits is the immediate sending of email without testing or checking it, first.

To gain confidence, any business should spot any flaws and try to resolve it in a few minutes. Marketers or email managers should ensure that all the links attached to the email work properly. Also, make sure that the images load properly. And there are no existing misspelled words or grammatical errors.

To receive a maximum return from the email campaigns, marketers must give emphasis on the manner of the message visual display on different email programs. For an intense review of the message, marketers can use services similar to Email Analysis.

Lastly, if the one that is handling the campaign is a professional, they can use A/B testing to ensure the testing variations of the messages.

2. Sending one-size-fits-all campaigns

Marketers must be smart to use data in crafting services, products, and contents included in email marketing messages. Segmentation is the underlying future of email marketing, taking a lot of advantages in sending emails that are relevant compared to broadcasted ones.

Prioritize the customers that are active than those with less engagement. Marketers can also try using follow-up campaigns targeting consumers that abandoned the shopping carts. Use a compelling offer that has an alluring subject line to interact with the non-clickers and non-openers of the email campaigns.

3. Sending Without Permission

Before sending any email marketing campaign materials, there must be permission from each of the recipients. Make sure to build the database in the right way along with progressive profiling forms and user-friendly landing pages.

Make sure to receive consent before sending materials. Make sure to include specific messages like “After clicking the box, you will be receiving exclusive coupons, offers, and information about monthly specials.”

Campaigns become accurate with consents included in the email. Just keep in mind the golden rule about honesty. It still works even in building an email list.

4. Sending Unprofessional-Looking Emails

Honestly, the first minute after someone opens an email is a moment of judging. Before sending any email, make sure that it looks professional. Be sure to have no typos, and it’s well-written. Also, check the quality of the images and take the time to think if it fits the topic well.

No matter how small the business and campaign is, the moment it lands in someone’s inbox, then there is competition between companies that focuses on email marketing. Make sure that the email is up for any competition.

It means that every email sent must be visually appealing and well-written. It includes checking the photos and email template used. And the most important thing before hitting the send button is assuring that everything is proofread twice or thrice.

It is normal to feel a bit anxious while sending an email newsletter. Keep in mind that newsletters are the electronic ambassadors of any business. And mistakes usually happen. However, the fewer the mistakes are while sending out an email newsletter, the better.

5. Sending Non Mobile-Friendly Emails

According to TopRankBlog, 64% percent of people use their mobile phones to read emails. Marketers should understand that their emails should be mobile-friendly, that is an unspoken rule to basically everything. A very simple tip marketers can use when creating their mobile-friendly templates, is to align them in a single column.

Compared to emails that are fit for traditional PCs that have multi-column layouts, two columns is risky for mobile devices. There is a need to use all available width to make the email legible and visible. Markets must avoid three or more columns because the email will either require scrolling or zoom on mobile devices. Keep in mind that both email and landing pages are friendly for mobile users.


Marketers can make a mistake while sending out emails. However, if they can avoid the common ones and use these tips from Johnny Chen Marketing, there will be less stress for them. The success of their email campaigns also depends on how marketers present the email marketing message to their readers. Any mistakes can either make or break the business.

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