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Comindware Project: Best Tool for Project Management

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2014)

Managing a project is not an easy task. Bigger the project, higher the probabilities of errors will be. The mental frustration people get on handling the files and assigning tasks and resource allocation is quite painful. So if you were about to start a new project, I Just might have the perfect solution for you.The wonderful software called Comindware Project.

Comindware Project is a well organised software for handling your projects. Managing projects has never been easier. Comindware Project simplifies project management by providing a visual environment for fully automated project planning & resource allocation, project execution and reporting as well as team collaboration. The best thing about the Comindware Project software is its pleasant environment.

Think about the errors and confusions that you’d create on doing a project manually. It consumes a lot of time and effort. And it is almost impossible to communicate with project members at the right time.

Managing projects on Comindware Project saves you a vast amount of time, errors and more importantly mental pressure. It’s quite easy to manage documents and keep track of your ongoing projects. Create new tasks and assign them to project members and create deadlines. This automated software simplifies project management by Doing most of the structure’ll never have to worry about resource management.

The resource management is made easy by Comindware. you have to do is assign tasks and create documents. Even the project reports can be easily created by this brilliant software.

The main features of Comindware Project are

Visual Project plans

You can break down your projects into visual charts using comindware WBS. It allows you to create a visual structure of the project. Tasks can be added to the visual chart and is quite simple to analyse the projects.

Communicate with Project Members

Comindware Team Network is a very powerful option to communicate with the project members. There is no doubt that employee engagement and productivity can be boosted dramatically with this brilliant service. Create closed room discussions and open discussions with project members. The users can even award employees for creating motivation and there by increasing productivity.

Effective Resource Allocation

Resources can be effectively utilised by Comindware Project software. Resource overload can be identified and controlled using this software. Resources are very neatly visualised so that The user can understand the current status of the available resources and can utilise them effectively.

Bottom Line

I was really astonished by the limitless possibles provided by this brilliant software comindware. All I can say is that this is a very innovative software. If you are project manager or if you are going to start your first project, this is defenetly the choice for you. I’m sure that there is no other application that can be compared to this brilliant software. The best part is that the Comindware Project is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook and are available on android and ios platforms to manage your projects on the go. I personally recommend the Comindware Project software to all those who are working on projects and wish to start a project

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