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Cloud Computing is among the most popular and important modern IT investments. In the past decade, it has become a priority for several organizations. This has also increased the demand for IT professionals with cloud skills. With a Cloud Computing Certification, you can validate your cloud expertise and skills and make yourself more hirable. Apart from this, cloud certifications can help boost your salary as well.

As per the Global Knowledge 2019 IT Skills and Salary report, the cloud job roles that are most popular and get you the highest salary are cloud engineer and cloud architect. The average salary of a cloud professional is $138,320 per year in North America. In fact, IT professionals who have more than six certifications were able to earn $10,000 more than their non-certified counterparts.

So, whether you are planning to enter the field of cloud computing or taking the next step in your career, a certification can help you reach your goal.

Technological advancement has revolutionized different sectors & the way of functioning! Cloud computing in the market is eliminating the IT hardware cost and AI is being considered as the future of technology.

Cloud computing has empowered businesses with high-tech data security & unlimited storage capacity! But the age of artificial intelligence (AI) is also upon us, taking over the repetitive work once done by humans. They are not competing with each other and are even complementary.

The introduction of AI in cloud computing has made a significant impact on the market. Businesses are using AI capabilities in a cloud computing environment to provide more efficiency within the organizations.

Cloud computing technology is assured to grow in the future and AI is going to elevate it to the next level. It is safe to say both the technologies will be shaping the way of human working methods & transactions.

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of resources & IT infrastructure on cloud servers. Whereas AI is ensuring the use of computer intelligence for human-like tasks in an accurate manner. The future of both is BONDED together!

The innovators are exploring the potential of AI in cloud computing and the implication for the businesses are going to be huge. AI and cloud computing are poised to jointly assist the creation of a large amount of and streamline complex processes.

The future lies together! Let us know about the future of both the technology…………..

The Role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Cloud Computing

For streamlining the workload, enterprises are embedding AI into the IT infrastructure. It is also being predicted that AI is becoming more sophisticated and the cloud instances will be relying on the AI tools to monitor & manage the issues.

AI is meant for simulated intelligence in the machines and the merger with the cloud is making the environment stronger. The machine learning capabilities are transferred to cloud-based environments to make the experience intuitive.

AI tools are delivering more value to cloud platforms and personalize customer relationships. A report developed by Transparency Market Research is predicting that the market is expected to grow by $19.86 billion by 2025 by using ML as a service. Cloud has made the availability of AI to businesses easy.

According to a note released by Deloitte – Innovators are doing every bit to make it easier for businesses to benefit from AI even if there is a lack of technical skills or access to large sets of data. With the help of the cloud, the services can be accessed that addresses the shortfalls. Cloud is democratizing the access of AI for all businesses in an easy manner.

For financial institutions, the merger is helping to streamline the management and updating of data easily. It helps remove the fraudulent activities and has a major impact on areas like SCM or customer service.

The Impact of AI (Artificial Intelligence) on Cloud Services

Cost Improvement

Running the advanced AI algorithms needs a lot of processing power and until recent times, it was a cost-effective option for companies to deploy the AI tools in the right way. There is a new turn in the game with the integration of AI cloud computing platforms.

Businesses of all sizes today can take advantage of the AI power through AIaaS (AI-as-a-Service) platforms. It can be deployed anywhere and thus it results in a significant reduction of cost. Businesses can also provide the right kind of customer service cost-effectively by utilizing real-time data.

Improvement in Productivity

Businesses always look for ways to enhance productivity and AI in the cloud is just doing that for them! The workloads can be streamlined now within the IT infrastructure & automate the tasks. This way it increases the productivity of the business operations. For instance, AI-powered workload automation ensures reliable, secure, and proper execution of jobs. Workload automation (WLA) can help IT teams and departments automate and streamline workloads. Hence, they can save money, ensure compliance, mitigate risks, and save time and resources. With AI capabilities, WLA can detect and respond to tasks that could affect service levels.

The future is near when AI tools will be used everywhere to monitor and make the corrections needed in the system, without any human need. Automation of the business processes is the main contribution of AI.

It is also expected that the increase of analytical capabilities of AI will result in allowing the system to run the operation on its own and thus, the IT team will be more focused on other strategic needs.

Utilizing the Big Data Capabilities

Have you been hearing the term for some time now? Big data is meant to enhance the analytical capabilities of the system by evaluating a large sum of data. The AI technology has ensured the evaluation of large sums of data in quick time.

The merger of AI with cloud computing will mean more power to the analytical strength of Big Data that helps the streamlining of delivery services and make real-time investments. As there will be more data for analysis, better it will be in the identification of patterns & complexities.

Big data gathers and analyzes data, whereas artificial intelligence learns from it. Cloud computing embodies these two technologies.

The AI cloud is a hybrid technology that combines the best features of AI and cloud computing. Just imagine a cloud space that captures human logical reasoning. Therefore, AI software-as-a-service that’s powered by the AI cloud can provide enterprises with AI access and capabilities.

Moving big data to the cloud is highly beneficial to organizations. They can benefit from powerful computing capabilities in processing their data while saving money during the process. Moreover, cloud migration can make software systems more seamless and accessible.

It Ensures Reliability

Cloud computing has made the storage and access of data reliable & authentic. The cost of IT infrastructure in the companies has been reduced to a large level. Businesses can be relaxed now that there is no worry of data theft or unwanted access.

AI in cloud computing is ensuring that there is more business continuity, easy disaster recovery & data backup. The available AI application is high-performing on the servers with the help of GPUs. AI in the cloud is now easily accessible to businesses at a good price.

Cloud-based data storage, backup, recovery, and delivery can help secure hybrid, remote, and in-office work settings. The AI cloud upgrades cybersecurity with multi-layered software and network security, making business systems more reliable and secure. As a result, such advanced capabilities can help significantly improve business processes and increase return on investment (ROI).

Final Thoughts!

AI and cloud computing are transforming the business at all levels! There is huge potential in the technologies, starting from deep learning to near-completion automation of processes.

It is all about better usage of data and automating the tasks as per the business needs. AI-powered cloud computing is about the analysis of data and putting it into use without any human interference.

AI is the future but the cloud will maintain its position & growth in the market, especially for small & medium-sized businesses. The combination of both is ruling the technological trend and it is safe to say that cloud is the destination of all AI services.