How ClickPost Is Solving the Problems of Indian eCommerce Logistics Industry


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What is ClickPost

ClickPost is a multi-faceted logistics software that enables eCommerce businesses to give customers the best delivery experience. Using the logistics intelligence platform provided by ClickPost, online businesses can automate and optimize a wide range of logistics functions. Every stage of order fulfillment will be positively uplifted by ClickPost. Even before an order has been placed. Tasks like helping customers decide whether or not they want to make a purchase are made easier with ClickPost using API integrations, like one that displays approximate delivery dates on your eCommerce website. Everything from warehouse management to order creation to handling cancellations can be made more efficient through ClickPost.

How ClickPost Solves Problems in the Indian Ecommerce Logistics industry

As a source for streamlined logistics solutions, ClickPost can contribute immensely to the overall functionality and success of your business. Using ClickPosts many features (to be discussed), you’ll find new ways to improve your delivery mechanism and manage your supply chain with ease. With a user-friendly logistics management tool like ClickPost, these are just a few of these ways you’ll get a leg up on the competition.

1. Better Customer Experience

With ClickPost, delivery speed can be improved by tracking and addressing SLA breaches. Also, customer communications can be automated which drastically reduces WISMO calls.

2. Manage Orders With Ease

ClickPost provides you with a single dashboard that displays all ongoing orders and allows you to categorize and search for orders based on specific metrics.

3. Maintain Better Order Visibility

You will know where an order is at any given point of time and the true status of that order, with the help of Clickposts courier tracking api integration.

4. Strengthen Relationship With Carriers

In order to continually improve the delivery mechanism, you must maintain strong ties with your carriers. ClickPost enables this by automating the flow of information without acting as a middleman.

5. Focus on Business Priorities

Whether it is identifying and addressing SLA breaches, stuck shipments, RTOs, NDRs, etc., ClickPost allows you to determine which issues you want to address and how best to do it.

Services Offered By ClickPost

Since ClickPost is a constantly developing tech-enabled logistics solution, it has numerous different features. There are seemingly small but still impactful features like the EDD display and cancellation management. And then there are core features that represent the foundation of ClickPosts services. These services include:

1. Carrier Recommendation

ClickPost gives you access to an AI-driven courier recommendation engine. You can configure both ordinary metrics like order size/volume and specific metrics like RTO% or delays to find the right carrier for an order.

2. Order Processing

While order processing and manifestation is an order with multiple steps, ClickPost lets you use a single API to automatically complete the process of order creation.

3. Order Tracking

Using both push and pull API integrations, ClickPost works double-time to ensure your customers receive truly real-time tracking updates without any delay.

4. NDR and Returns Management

ClickPosts automated NDR workflow actively reduces the number of RTOs arising out of failed deliveries. You can also manage returns better on the ClickPost dashboard to reduce lost orders.

5. Identify Problem Areas

Problems can only be solved once identified. With the constant flow of information from all carriers, ClickPost sends regular analytic reports so you can understand what challenges were faced, which need to be addressed the soonest, and how.

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Final Conclusion

ClickPost is essentially your must-have hub for all things logistics. It is a single-stop destination that provides you with a dashboard to manage infinite orders across endless courier partners. With the help of ClickPost, you can identify important areas of improvement, automate complex functions and focus on customers. ClickPost shares the same end goal as you have: to give customers the greatest delivery experience. Backed by AI and API integrations, ClickPost can help you stay informed and keep growing.

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