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Child Monitoring in the Simplest of Ways Using a WhatsApp Spy App

A WhatsApp messenger is lately the most widely used instant messaging service across the globe and it is definitely the most popular one as well, especially amongst teens. This instant messaging app helps users share text messages, images, and even videos with anyone they want to. Teenagers are of course really excited with the concept of WhatsApp but their parents feel that they need to keep a close eye on the activities of their kids to make sure that their kids don’t misuse this service. A WhatsApp spy app by the name of Xnspy can help parents keep a close eye on their kids without any fuss.

whatsapp spy app

Where to start?

Xnspy is one of the best WhatsApp spy apps out in the market at the moment. Take out just a few minutes of your time and download this app inside your child’s cell phone and forget about everything else. Xnspy runs unnoticeably in the background of your child’s cell phone without letting anyone ever find out about it. You don’t even need to worry about any feature of your child’s cell phone getting disturbed during or after installation.

Compatible devices:

An internet connection and a Log-in ID and Password is all you need to start accessing your child’s cell phone data. Xnspy works wonderfully well with all the Latest Android phones from LG, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Huawei and other smartphone companies having OS 2.1 and above. Even all the latest iPhone models with iOS 6.0 and above, work excellently alongside this app. This includes the latest iPhone 6 and the mighty iPhone 6 Plus as well.

WhatsApp monitoring and cool features:

This WhatsApp spy app helps you keep a watchful eye on your kids by monitoring the messages, pictures, and videos shared by them through their WhatsApp messenger. This includes each and every activity of your kids made through the WhatsApp messenger.

Other cool features:

The excitement does not end here. All the pictures, videos and audio files that are saved on the mobile phone of your kids are also shown to you with the help of this app. Xnspy provides parents with complete details of all the incoming as well as outgoing phone call records of their kids, including the date and time stamps. You get to view the complete SMS messages logs of your kids as well. This includes not only the SMS messages sent and received by them on their cell phone but also the messages saved in Drafts. In case you child has deleted any SMS message from their cell phone, you even get to retrieve that SMS message with the help of Xnspy.

Simply amazing:

Xnspy is a pretty strong software that covers very little space inside the smartphone of your child and updates you with their entire cell phone data for a price as simply as $8.33 a month. This is even less than your daily cigarettes expense, isn’t it? What more could one ask from a monitoring app? It’s simply amazing, to say the least.

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