Are you an online shopper like me?


Are you afraid of doing online shopping?

In any of or both scenarios you should know that you should check if a site safe before making online transactions to keep you account details secure. When making an online transaction, you enter your account details like debit card details or register on site using id and password. So it is really necessary that you make sure that site is secure.

But the big question is how you can check if a site is secure before making and online transaction.

1) Popup Ads:

You should be really careful when making an online transaction that you should not click on any popup ads. Sites with popup ads usually direct you to some phony sites, which are designed to steal your personal information.

Reputed sites never have popup ads such as You will not find any popup ads there even if you buy their online money making courses.

2) Unsolicited email:

Reputed sites never send you any unsolicited email. This email always comes from spoof sites even if they are using the name of the popular sites such as eBay, PayPal, Banks etc. Never go to those sites or enter your personal information on their portals.

3) Payment Methods:

A good site always allows its users to pay via various payment methods. The payments methods are usually more than 3 for reputable sites. For example, allows you to pay or receive payment using different methods. And, gives the opportunity to pay using many methods such as Skrill, Paypal bank Transfer, Boku etc.  With these, you will easily trust as a freelance site where you can work and get paid later while for you can deposit to play games to win real money casino. But if a site forces you to enter your credit card details only then that can be fishy.

4) Sites with Physical Address or at-least Phone Number:

Sites are more trust-able if they have any physical address or phone number on it where you can contact them in the case of any issue. Call the number to make sure it`s working.

5) Price is not too low to believe:

We all love offers and bargains. But it is too hard to believe is someone is selling something at a price that you cannot believe. For example Cost of iPhone 7 if $649 but can you believe a person if he is selling that only for $10 or $100, you should not.

6) Url starts with HTTPS:

Sites with a secure SSL certificate which shows URL start with HTTPS are more secure to make online transactions than sites which do not have HTTPS. As you know HTTPS means hypertext transfer protocol secure. That means it is secure enough.

6) Cookies Policy:

A good site always talks about its cookies policy, if it is using cookies to track users or not. In Europe, every site has to share their cookies policy.

So you see these are the five most effective ways to check if a sites safe before making an online transaction. Make sure you always check these before making an online transaction.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me.


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