Chatbot Innovation: The Future of Marketing


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When you hear of any sci-fi word, there are always computer programs offering automation or ease of carrying out functions that were challenging before. One such innovation is the chatbots.


“Hey, Google.” If you’re using android phones, you must have come across this catchphrase, commonly known as google assistant. A chatbot, which was initially coined to the word chatterbot and used for the first time in 1994, now has its place in request routing, customer service, and information collection.

Whether it is AI, ML, or NLP based chatbot, all reflect a conversation that doesn’t look scripted and provide a more real human interaction experience. Greater use of chatbots is now in the field of marketing to support the customer’s queries and build a virtual though a lively connection with them.

With chatbots enabled to your systems, you will offer a powerful takeaway experience to your customers without worrying about listing agents who will take up their queries.

List of reasons how Chatbots are helpful to increase marketing?


As we see, the market is readily accepting the chatbots, and its usage is increasing yearly. Whether companies provide services or products, they need to have regular interaction with their existing customers regarding their queries and try to resolve them as soon as possible.

Going further in the blog, we’ll see some of the basic reasons why companies use the power of advanced technologies, i.e., the chatbots, to provide an excellent basic conversational experience and increase their marketing.

  • 24*7 online interaction

Companies invest in chatbots because they can rely on them for an all-day conversation with their customers. A human can’t be online all day and night to reply to the customer, but on the contrary, chatbots can take up their place.

67% of the customer turnover is always preventable if the companies resolve the issues on the first go. Chatbots, unlike humans, don’t have fixed working schedules and request leaves. They can be available at every time of need enhancing customer support.

Due to the time differences between countries, the company is unable to reach the customers’ questions and ends up losing them. It is when chatbots become the ray of light in the dark for the company.

For a business that provides products like accounting, recruitment, payroll, time management, banking, insurance, and other automated software, it is essential to reply to the customers and solve the queries. Thus, nowadays, the HR solution provider involves the use of chatbots to answer all the client’s queries 24×7, improving the customer support and product usage factor. 

  • Improves customer experience

56% of the customers have stopped doing business with a company after having a poor service experience. (source)

Also, it may happen that while interacting with a human agent, the customer has to explain the queries a number of times. Even after presenting to different human agents, their queries are not resolved. Records state that 72% of customers have to explain the same question to multiple people and regard it as a sign of poor customer service experience.

That’s a considerable percentage of customers. Common issues that the customers face are long waiting hours and unseen/unresolved issues that repel them aways.

While chatbots provide timely replies to them, it also enhances the way of conversation, which keeps the customers visiting the sites more often. In another way, it keeps the conversation alive.


  • Reduces costs

A business would know the cost of losing one customer in a hurry to increase the customer reach. Also, hiring employees to settle down the complaints costs much for a company, which reduces when you include a chatbot interacting with your customers.

Studies have found that companies can reduce up to 30% costs by investing in chatbots and other such options. (source)

Though connecting chatbots with your system cannot always resolve every query, it can only solve simple requests, thus allowing human agents to take on complex tasks.

  • Knock out the human errors

Up to 44% of the customers have felt that they have received the wrong answer from the agents before. (source)

In a hurry to complete the task, the human customer support agents may make some errors that can’t be undone.

On the other hand, chatbots are machines that can never make mistakes. Chatbots can take in as many as information and process the same without any errors providing the accurate delivery of data and maintaining contact.

  • Building customer contacts

Along with providing an accurate and timely response of the data to the customers, chatbots also store the information of the customers, which they have replied to.

You can create conversational forms that generate a series of questions, with which the visitors can be fragmented into different subscriber lists. The salesperson can use this information to target the audience and connect with them as per their needs. Thus increase the customer reach.

Ending notes:

Despite some limitations of emotions like a human, chatbots can help you save the time and money you can use to develop practices for increasing customer reach. While the chatbots can help solve the basic requests and enhance the interaction with the customers to feel them connected. Even it also saves the employees’ time, which he can use for some complex query resolution.

Today more companies are shifting towards advanced technologies to increase their market. And AI is becoming the tool through which businesses can leverage to simplify the complex procedures and gain more profits.

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