Chainfire Roots Moto X and Moto G (2013&2014) on Android 5 Lollipop


Last updated on October 28th, 2016 at 08:11 am

Motorola has shocked us by releasing Lollipop updates to its mid range phone  Moto G (2nd Gen) and flagship player Moto X (2nd Gen) even before Nexus 5 gets the update. What’s more interesting is our beloved developer Chainfire has possibly rooted Moto G and Moto X running on android 5 Lollipop. Though the lollipop rollout is still ongoing on US, Indian users didn’t get the OTA as of now.

However, if you’ve got little bit of anxiety and courage , you might have searched on XDA to update your device manually by side loading the firmware. I belong to the mentioned category. I’ve licked the lollipop on my Moto G 2nd Gen though the official release hasn’t triggered yet in my country, India. My device ID is XT1068 and I could flash the US OTA without any issues. Even the dual sim feature is working well. But I don’t recommend this option as it’s extremely risky and may damage your device forever.

Here I explain how to root your Moto G or Moto X (2014&2013) using CF Auto Root package. This method worked for me and hence I’m sharing this. I couldn’t try this on every variant of the phones but I guess it will work on the following generic versions.

∆ XT1097 (victara_retbr) – Moto X 2nd Gen.
∆ XT1052 (ghost_retgb) – Moto X 1st Gen.
∆ XT1063 (titan_retuglb) – Moto G 2nd Gen.
∆ XT1068 (titan_retaildsds) – Moto G 2nd Gen.
∆ XT1068 (titan_retde) – Moto G 2nd Gen.
∆ XT1031 (falcon_boost) – Moto G 1st Gen.
∆ XT1032 (falcon_reteu) – Moto G 1st Gen.
∆ XT1033 (falcon_retbr_ds) – Moto G 1st Gen.

Rooting voids warranty and this method may permanently damage your phone. Try this at your own risk and we do not encourage you to do this at any manner. The choice is yours.

How to Root Moto X and Moto G Running on Android 5 Lollipop

1. First of all you’ve to boot your device into boot loader mode via adb or hardware buttons.
2. Then connect your Moto device to your computer with a USB cable.
3. Unzip the file on your computer. (Download appropriate file from above links).
4. Run the root-windows.bat file. Let it complete the rest. Your device may reboot once.

Do let me know if you could successfully root your Moto using CFAR. Also let us know your queries, doubts and issues via comments.

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