If you are starting out with your blog, this will be the most important post that you need to read intently before starting out.

Starting a blog may bring you quite a lot of excitement and joy, especially when you see your blog grow due to your continuous effort. But if you are not careful while choosing your blog niche, you shall be met with quite a lot of disappointment after a certain time and may even be led to quit leading to all your efforts going down the drain.

In this post, therefore we are going to show you two cases, analyse different blog niches and help you decide which niche or topic you should blog about.

First off, you should understand why you can’t just change topics or niches in the middle of your blogging career. This will also serve a dual purpose of showing you why you can’t have a multi-niche blog.

Why you can’t have a multi-niche blog

By multi-niche blog, I mean a blog that comprises more than one topic. For example, if you blog about SEO, you shouldn’t post on technology or art of living in the same blog.


Because most of your audience will be divided and will remain clueless as to what you have to offer to them.

Let’s say some people who want to know more about blogging has subscribed to your website or blog for more updates on blogging. After some time, they suddenly receive updates from your site on health care. Wouldn’t they unsubscribe immediately?

Wouldn’t you unsubscribe immediately?

As such, this proves the fact that multi-niche blogs don’t succeed unless you have an option where a person can subscribe to the topic that they are interested in.

This therefore indirectly proves that you can’t change niches either in mid-course of your blogging career. The daily visitors that you have would get rather shocked to see a healthcare blog suddenly post about the latest tech trends.

And also, even if you change course all the posts that you have created for this long, a time would go to waste.

So, should your blog niche be razor thin sharp?

Ideally, no. You should try to find a balance between your blog niche and your knowledge. While choosing a blog niche on Android, may seem ideal at first glance, you will lose out on guest posting opportunities. Even if you have a vast knowledge on Android, most tech blogs do not want such in-depth content and would like interesting stuff on their niche.

Try to find a niche that-

  • suits your knowledge
  • lets you find other sites to guest post and build links on
  • has a good number of audience

As you may already know, building links is a very important factor of increasing domain authority and therefore having a poorly chosen niche can harm your blog’s link building campaign too.

Now that we have addressed why you need to be careful when choosing your blog niche, let’s address- How to choose a good blog niche and what would happen if you don’t be careful when choosing your blog niche

While there are several niches available like blogging and SEO, entrepreneurship, technology, healthcare, social media, how-to’s, games, real estate and much much more, your blog’s topic/niche truly depends on you.

When I just started out blogging, I felt that the only thing I was most knowledgeable and could write about for hours and hours was about technology. And I started my blog TechSavvy. I stayed up nights in excitement, pondered over different designs for days, googled about SEO and blogging for such long periods of time. I wrote whenever I got time.

It felt so good when I got my first link back through HARO and moved to a custom domain. But finally, I realized that in the tech niche, there was no end to the amount of content that I had to put out continuously.

On the contrary, Brian Dean of Backlinko makes about a million dollars through just 34 posts in his site, whereas I had 79 high-quality posts up at my site. In fact with this small amount of posts, Brian could spend more of his time link building and marketing his content.

Plus with the ever changing world of tech, I needed to continuously update my blog with newer posts or else visitors would stop coming due to the dearth of posts up at my blog. As such, I moved to the blogging, SEO and entrepreneurship niche, about which I had become much more knowledgeable and created a new blog known as WinSavvy after about a year of toiling on my previous blog.

Sidharth, who is the founder of this blog, has also been blogging for seven years. His high-quality how-to posts gave his blog quite a bit of spotlight and brought him quite a lot of visitors. He even succeeded to lower his blog’s Alexa rank to about 30,000, which is immensely appreciable. However, since he had a tech blog where content is ever-so not perennial, his inability to post for some time due to academic pressure brought Techbii’s Alexa rank to about 321,334 as of now, which is still quite good. (Alexa rank is an indicator of a site’s traffic; the lower a site’s Alexa rank, the greater traffic it receives)

However, these two cases serve to show you that if you have blogs which are not based on producing evergreen content, you better be able to write a huge quantity. Failing to produce a lot of quantity can harm your blog’s growth. Also, having to produce lots of quantity can harm your blog post’s quality too.

Niches like technology, healthcare are not very much perennial and ever green; however, niches like pet care and SEO are (at least somewhat). Then there is also your knowledge, on and about the niche which serves as a crucial factor.

If you choose a blog with a fast and ever changing niche, be sure that you can produce a high volume of high-quality posts if you want your blog to succeed.

If you can’t do that, choose a niche you are both knowledgeable in and has perennial content before starting out setting your mark in the blogosphere.

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Adhip is a tech, SEO and Entrepreneurship blogger, a freelance writer and the founder of the blogs WinSavvy and TechSavvy. He covers topics on technology, entrepreneurship and blogging.

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