Call tracking is something which has been very popular and important in the on-call marketing. And in this post, we are going to talk in detail about what is call marketing and its other details.

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But what exactly is the call tracking?

Well, call tracking is a mechanism using which we measure the impact of marketing efforts on lead generation and sales. It is mainly used for evidence-based marketing where the pay per call advertising works.

Using call tracking, it becomes easy to know the source of the call and multiple other details which help further into the analytics. Usually, in Pay Per call model, business advertise through the local or toll-free number and people usually call them. Now as the advertisement can be done in many places and so it becomes difficult to understand the source of the traffic and which source is more beneficial for you.

In such cases, these call tracking helps!

There is numerous call tracking software which helps you understand the source of the call, conversion, and various other parameters for the betterment of the campaign. One such and even the market leading software is Ringba which provide the call tracking mechanism to the understand the inbound calls are coming from which medium, analytics, and then forwarding it to the destination directory.

Here are some other features of the Ringba call tracking platform which make them a complete software to manage and track the inbound calls. You can learn more about the Ringba Feature on their official website.

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What should a call tracking software have?

So far, we have discussed what is call tracking and why you need it for your business. Now let’s focus on what all features we should have a call tracking software.

Basic call tracking

In general, a basic call tracking software should associate a campaign page with a tracking number so that it can be tracked. This will help you to monitor the phone metrics like-

  • Number of calls
  • Location of calls
  • Duration of calls etc.

This should also have the features like the categorization of the calls like which went to over 60 minutes or less or even other categorization.

Campaign based tracking

In an enterprise, there can be various campaigns running in real-time and all need to be tracked and managed separately. Here again, your call tracking software should have the feature where each campaign can be connected to the tracking numbers and then there should be an option though they will come to know that for which campaign it is coming.

Integrations and API

Nowadays, a business doesn’t only run on a single system. Using Ringba then you may also be using some visualization tool using which your company will be dealing with some other analytics solution. And so, it becomes utmost necessary that your call tracking software works with your existing workflows. By this way, you will be able to access the call data easily and put it to work with actionable insights for improving ROI and call conversions.

Excellent Support

Yes, this is the common feature any product should have. You should also ensure that your next call tracking software should provide quick and reliable support to get you away from any issue and provide expert guidance.


This was all about what is call tracking and what all features you should have in your next call tracking software. By analyzing all these requirements, you will find that Ringba has all the features and so can be the perfect choice for an enterprise call tracking and management.