Cable Management Tips for Home Offices: Cable and Cord Management Ideas


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If you’re working as freelance writer, you surely enjoy the freedom and flexibility to work anywhere—from your couch, your bed, veranda, backyard garden, coffee shops and wherever life takes you as long as you have good access to internet so that you’re always ready to communicate with your clients regarding the progress of your project. That would even mean taking your laptop to the beach on one of your travels and writing some articles while drawing inspiration from the marvelous sunset and relaxing beach waves.

How we love those perks, especially in this day and age when everyone’s into traveling. Getting our hands dirty on profitable freelance work makes that possible whenever we feel like exploring a new place we’ve never been or come back to a place we once fell in love with for just a few days vacay. Read this article to learn how you can squeeze in some work while traveling.

Having a Neat, Orderly and Inspiring Workspace is Still Necessary

Even if you can work from anywhere across the globe, chances are, you’ll spend most of your work days at home. This is why it is important to create a designated workspace at home. It doesn’t have to be huge or extravagant. Even a small corner can serve as your home office. It’s up to your creative ideas on how you can tweak it up and transform it into a beautiful and inspiring workspace that encourages a constant flow of creativity and productivity.

It’s not just the décor or the quotable quotes you wrote on your post-it notes on your corkboard that can inspire and motivate you as you go on with your daily grind. Small things like keeping it neat, tidy and organized every day make a big difference. Who would want to work in a cluttered space anyway? It may be inevitable at times but if it’s a constant situation, I’m pretty sure, it’s something you can’t stand in the long-term.

Spaghetti wires on top or underneath your desk are the messiest eyesores ever in the home office. At first, the cords get tangled up together. Then, the next thing you know, the mess is out of your control! Is there any way you can solve this problem? Yes, there are smart hacks that can practically change the way your workspace looks likes—from messy to neat and orderly. Check out some ideas here, too:

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Use Drawer Organizers

Are your desk drawers always overflowing with random things and knick-knacks, because well, you’re a very random person and you have a sentimental attachment to almost every little thing? Chances are, the first several minutes of your typical workday are spent sorting out those random things just to find the USB cable you badly need at the moment. The next few minutes are spent untangling it from the other cords you’ve placed along with it in the drawer.

Sometimes, you’ll never realize you’ve actually spent 30 minutes or even an hour doing that! For writers like you, it could mean the length of time you need to write your first 300 words, do your research or choose relevant photos you’ll include in your article. And oh, the most productive people out there don’t even underestimate the power of 15 minutes. Thus, they do accomplish so many things in a day.

To avoid filling your drawer with random clutter including your cables, make sure, there’s a home for everything. Drawer organizers in various sizes don’t only look cute, they can also instantly make your drawer super neat and organized as compared to just throwing in everything in there. Keep your cables in separate little organizers and your daily work life will be easier. Try it and see what happens! Smart cord management, right?

Use Cable Clip Organizers

Cable clip organizers keep the cord clutter on your table at a minimum. Using these will help you find the right cable for a specific gadget or purpose easily. You’ll never need to summon a search party just check every nook and cranny of the house for that misplaced USB cord or earphones. No more spaghetti wires, folks!

Bonus tip: Try to go cord-free as much as possible. Take full advantage of wireless connections and transfers like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-connected networks. One of the easiest solutions, right?

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