Bypass Jio 1GB Limit & Access Unlimited Data at Full Speed [Exclusive]


Last updated on February 2nd, 2017 at 10:59 pm

Bypass Jio 1GB Limit: A workaround to bypass Jio Happy New Year offer’s daily data limit i.e, 1GB and removing speed throttling after the usage limit.

You might have tried tens of hundreds of methods to bypass Jio 1GB daily data limit, so do I. Most of those methods either make you install VPNs or modify the access point name settings. Even I tried all of those ‘hacks’ to bypass the 1GB data quota in the Happy New Year offer. But in this exclusive tutorial, I will guide you how to bypass the provided 1GB data limit so that you could use unlimited data at full speed.

I found this trick to use unlimited data post 1GB (bypass Jio 1GB limit) at full 4G speed in a private forum and gave it a try with zero hope. To my surprise, I could access unlimited data even after the 1GB threshold without speed throttling. In the normal case, post 1GB usage, the 4G data speed gets reduced to 128kbps, which converts into approximately 20KBps.

This trick not only removes 1GB per day limit, instead, it bypasses the entire data restriction (including the old 4GB daily limit). So the method I’m gonna share can be called as Jio speed cap solution as well. Which means your query of how to increase Jio speed after 1GB has also been answered with this Jio 1GB limit removal tweak.

If you’re fed up with the Jio Happy New Year offers’ 1GB daily data limit, here’s how you can enable unlimited full speed 4G data without installing any external application or modifying existing settings.

Bypass Jio 1GB Limit: Benefits

  • Unlimited 4G data
  • No speed throttling even after post 1GB data limit
  • No external applications needed
  • Simple & hassle-free setup
  • Harmless ‘hack’ so that you would not be caught up
  • Works on all android phones

How to Bypass Jio 1GB Daily Data Limit

  1. First of all, under Settings, choose apps and tap MyJio app
  2. Force close the app and clear app datajio 1gb limit remove
  3. Now clear all apps from the recent tray on your phone
  4. Under clock (Time & Date) settings, disable Automatic date&time optionjio 1gb limit per day
  5. Now set the time to 2 AM (or any value less than 5 AM) and set the date one day ahead. how to increase jio speed after 1gb
  6. Once you’re done this, open the MyJio app and check usage details. It should display 0KB 0f 1GB. That’s it.
  7. Once the clock reaches 5 AM, repeat the steps from 1 to 5.

This tweak to bypass 1GB daily data limit of Jio’s Happy New Year offer has been personally tested by me on both of my phones and works without any issues.

Jio Speed Cap Solution: How to Increase Jio Speed after 1GB

Nothing special needs to be done rather than following this trick. All speed caps will be lifted and you’re completely free to use the daily data beyond 1GB limit.

I want to let you know that I have tried all of the so-called Jio 1GB limit removal hacks in the past couple of days none of them worked except this. The tricks with old MyJio app and installing VPNs are simply lame it doesn’t work at all.

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