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How to Bypass Forums without Registering : The Ultimate Guide

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2013)

Unless you were living in a distant remote Island, you might have known about the new way of e-community called as Forums. Sadly, most of those aren’t free as you have to register and check it out, but here’s the mastermind way to bypass through it!


One way to bypass it through using  RoboForm but it needs to be purchased and other steps are their but an easy and free way is using Google’s cache option. So what to do? We will con Google and will run through the forums using the cache feature of Browser.

To start with Google Cache is simply a feature which stores a screenshot of your website which you have visited. What’s good, you can watch in text based too! So what the magic is full concentrated with Google’s Robots. To put it simple, Google’s robots are not restricted to the forms and all that stuffs, and they can easily pass through them. So they bypasses the forms and all the stuffs and stores that stuffs in their databases. So if the forums are online, therefore you can access it via cache.

So here’s the procedure for bypassing the forums.

  1. Simply use the Golden method of Copy-Paste and copy the url of the page which pops up with the registration.
  2. Now paste the link on Google and let Google do the magic.
  3. Now just click on the small arrow which you get on the right of every search result, and you will see something like above the Cached – Similar option.
  4. The ultimate is here, click the Cached option and VOILA!

You would be available to browse the forums without registering! This procedure will work almost all of the Forums, but not those forum whose owners and admins have disable the cache option!

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