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Social Networking platforms have connected the whole world via the Internet, which is an incredible thing. What we have today is global modernization, which has profoundly impacted the world in both Negative and Positive ways. There is no denying that many talents came into existence because of these platforms and many were also destroyed and exposed because of it.

Live Broadcasting is what the Internet world is lacking as of now. However, many developers have come forth to fill that gap. One of the Android and iOS application is known as “BonkLive.”

BonkLive Review

bonklive app

BonkLive is a Live Streaming app, which allows a user to broadcast their Product, Promotional videos or anything that a user can offer to their viewers. Just like Youtube, BonkLive does pay up the Viewers based on some thanks giving the viewers are going to give.

How does this work? How to operate and How to set up the app? We are going to cover all of your questions in one Tutorial.

*1 Installation then Setup

Coming to the file size of the app is only 36MB, after installation, it will expand to 72MB in total.

70mb file

Step 1: Once the Installation is completed, launch the app.

launching the app

Step 2: The first thing you should be seeing is right down below. (Minimum software requirements are Android 5.0 or above)


Step 3: You have to sign up or create a free account on the BonkLive to experience features.

twitter signups

Step 4: In my case, we have selected Twitter as the Login option. (Do not worry, you don’t need to have a preinstalled Twitter, Facebook or Google app.)

auth part

Step 5: Now enter Username and Pass, then tap on “Authorize App.” (You can even remove it from the Twitter account if you don’t feel like continuing with the services.)


Step 6: Dashboard should be on your screen.


It’s that straightforward and efficient when you use the Social Media login option.

*2 How to Go Live?

Step 1: Now launch the app, tap on the big Breen Button in the middle.

launching the application

Step 2: Add an attractive title, which attracts a lot of viewers.


Step 3: Now choose your country. You have the freedom to select any country as you wish.


Step 4: Tap on the category, which gives you a list of options, and you can relate your video to it. The category provides an idea to the viewers about the video content. It is essential for you to select the relevant Category.


Step 5: Now tap on “Go Live.”

*3 How to Watch Live Streamers?

There are tons of options for you to find the right streamer, who can entertain you. We are going to show you how you can get access to it.

Option 1: When you select your country, it applies to the “Nearby” tab, where it will list the people who are live streaming near to you. You can always change your country by going back to the Live Tab and Change the country.


Option 2: There are two choices ready for you “Featured” and “New,” which gives you an exclusive opportunity to check out the New and Featured streamers in the tabs. You can always explore that area to see the trending broadcasters.


Moving to the What you can do while watching a streamer?

1: Go the Nearby or Featured or New and Tap on any Live Streaming, which you think to interest you.


2: You can send comments to the Streamer and let them know that you are watching them. Remember, abusive comments or offensive words will not be tolerated by the BonkLive, so don’t make such silly mistakes because everyone can see it.

content length

3: On the bottom left side, you can find several options. So, check them out. You can even give a like to the streamer by a tap on heart shaped button.

whats that

4: You can view profiles of viewers who are watching the streaming. And follow them. You can see those profiles from “Follow tab.

following tabs

5: You can even send virtual gifts to the streamer to show your appreciation in the form of Gold Coins.

cold coins

6: By tapping on the Share button from the bottom menu, you can share the Live Broadcast to your Facebook timeline.

share buttons


BonkLive is growing, and every day you get to see new faces with new talents. Of course, the BonkLive policy is against the Illegal activities and inappropriate streamers, which means, you get clean and entertaining content on BonkLive. Shoot your experience and what changes you expect from the BonkLive in the comments below.


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