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The modern world marketing is vastly different from the past years, as technology has taken center stage. Digital marketing has become the main platform for promotion, and it has expanded by leaps and bounds. Marketers are coming up with new ideas and trying out different strategies to lure customers into purchasing their products and making their venture a success. A lead magnet is a marketing phenomenon where companies offer clients an incentive to exchange their phone numbers or other contact information. It helps brands in understanding clients and forging stronger bonds with customers.

In today’s technologically driven world, people spend most of their days on gadgets, so digital marketing has been beneficial. People say that content is the king in online marketing, and it rings true in every form of digital marketing. Content drives people toward the brand, and poorly written or executed content can steer them away. Brands should be smart while creating content for lead magnets. Lead magnets have become a robust marketing technique that brands can use to attract customers and generate more sales. A lead magnet’s main motive is to create an email list, which helps establish a loyal audience, initiate leads, and convert these leads into actual customers.

Many brands understand the importance of lead magnet but do not possess enough capability of generating an email list. The following are some brilliant lead magnet ideas that will help in growing an email list:


EBooks are a useful marketing tool and can change the game for brands. Many companies want to use ebooks as a lead magnet idea, but they do not have a writer who can compose long texts and attract customers. Moreover, they think that the process is strenuous and long and does not offer much in return. Contrary to popular ideas composing an ebook can generate results in no time and put the brands on the path to success. Companies can hire an ebook maker and brief him about the brand’s ideology, services, and benefits the brands offer and use it to create an email list like a pro. The secret of success lies in the content of the ebook. If the content is unique and contains some information, people are most likely to read it. Brands can send a chapter of their eBooks to generate an email list or send complete versions, depending upon their marketing.


People were not familiar with the term webinar, and many were against the idea of attending informative sessions from home. They thought learning happens when people physically attend seminars and the virtual world does not educate people. COVID-19 forced people to stay confined, and many people attended webinars for the first time. The experience made them realize that webinars are cost-saving and effective. They can use them as a lead magnet to create an email list. A webinar gives you a platform to demonstrate your expertise and make a stronger connection with your audience through audio-video content.

Exclusive Case Studies

Today, people have innumerable options, and Internet has provided them with a sea of information. With one click, people can get knowledge from various websites, and many display almost similar content. To make yourself different and stand out, you should publish exclusive case studies. People like the idea of reading or watching about people going through the same problems and want to learn how they overcome them. Case studies are powerful as they often succeed in bringing out the same reaction brands want from customers.


Many businesses underestimate a checklist’s value, but a checklist can result in stellar conversions if you create a quality one. Your checklist must deliver an incredible value, should reach the right people at the right time, and must align with your business ideology and efforts. Moreover, creating a checklist does not require brands to go to unusual lengths and earnest effort. The process is comparatively simple. Checklists are ideal for earning trust from new followers, and they will easily develop an interest in you. Suppose you are selling a product, you can construct a simple checklist or a guide that will make customers realize that their product can improve their lives.

Offer Subscription

You might have seen a message on different websites which offer subscription on one click. Businesses think that subscribe to our newsletter is an old technique and does not work anymore. The truth is many people like to stay in touch with the brand. They look forward to reading their content over and again. Some websites provide an option for downloading in place of subscription. The drawback of downloading is that it gives users a one-time experience. In the future, they have to revisit the website. Offering a subscription is a perfect way of growing an email list, and it helps establish strong bonds.


Another successful idea of a lead magnet to create an email list is to use toolkits or resources. Your users are often interested in knowing what you use to achieve results. Creating a toolkit is not complicated, yet it can help significantly establish an email list. Users like to discover the latest tools to improve their lives to solve their existing issues and prevent them from getting into potential problems. As a brand, you can help them send them your favorite tools in exchange for their contact.

Mini E-Courses

The modern world is fast-paced, and people are always in a hurry to get things done. E-education is gaining immense momentum as it allows people to fulfill their responsibilities. Short courses attract people who are keen on learning about your expertise and gain information. The Internet has several online courses system, and you can efficiently utilize one or send your course through email. Mini e-courses are upgraded versions of newsletters or weekly updates, as they offer more value and suggest more learning. Offering mini e-courses are a smart way of making people signup to your brands.


People find it awkward asking for email without offering anything, and rightly so. It is like a salesperson going out and about in-crowd and collecting people’s phone numbers for promotional purposes. Lead magnet entices website users to provide brands with their contact information in exchange for something free. The Internet has countless lead magnet ideas to grow email lists. Still, you must ensure that your offer is easily accessible and focus on a narrow issue. A lead magnet can support a company by bringing in more customers leading to more significant revenue, and help you make your company flourish.