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Block Unwanted calls in iOS 7 using this Awesome Feature

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2013)

You will often see that we, for the most time criticising Apple and their iPhones. But we still say that it’s good. For some features that Apple is giving are quite good and aren’t offered in the Stock android!


Apple pushed the new iOS 7 update to most of the iDevices with improving performance, UI, theming and Icons. But along with that they also added a unique feature of blocking. You can block any number without downloading any 3rd Party application which is quite good for the Apple folks.

So finally for the iPhone and iPad friends you will now be free of download 3rd party apps and rather you have that feature in your phone already. Head toward this guide how to start-up the feature.

  1. Under Phone, click  App then  Call Log.
  2. Now in just select or type the number you want to be blocked,  i icon on the right side and then scroll down to see the Block this Caller option.
  3. Now click that option and will popup a option saying that’s it your caller will be blocked.
  4. So you have unblocked this number!
  5. You will now see a unblock option rather than block option (It is quite self-explanatory)

So this is how you can block any numbers. If you want to checkout the blocked numbers, here’s how to do it, Navigate to Settings > Phone > Blocked.

And you will see all the blocked numbers!


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