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Baseball… Far from the marketing of the NBA, the folklore of American Football, there is a sport that runs in the blood of North America and the United States of America, is baseball. For 150 years, it has been passed down from father to son, like its yellowed player cards, its signed baseballs, its gloves, and its bats…

Since 1960, American Football would have replaced Baseball as the number one sport. In the numbers no doubt, but not in the hearts. Yet baseball was born, so long ago that it could look soccer straight in the eye, as well as Rugby. Basketball did not exist in 1856 when Alexander Cartwright created baseball, American soccer was still in its infancy and did not exist yet. Baseball is the modern history of the US. In movies, literature, and all forms of art you have works dedicated to this sport…

This sport is an American monument, but like American soccer, it has never found its place in Europe. As much as US soccer can’t do anything against Rugby, there is no batting sport like baseball, except for Cricket which only moves the subjects of his Majesty. You can find baseball in three places in the world and history can help you. First of all, in Cuba where it is a national sport…

Yes, before Che and Castro, the island was under the control of the USA through a not very nice dictator. In the end, once the Americans were kicked out of Cuba, they were left with American cars and baseball. The other country is Japan… After launching the H-bomb and the surrender of the Emperor, the US “occupied” the country through huge military bases, some of which still exist. Baseball was passed on in this way. It has become one of the king sports in Japan which is as crazy about it as the Americans and the Cubans. That’s why you can only bet on two leagues in India: the American Major League of baseball and the Japanese Nippon Professional baseball.

Baseball will never leave you hungry. And to bet on baseball you only have 14 teams in Japan! This means that for 1728 games, you only have 14 teams to learn and understand with a lot of statistics over a season since the teams meet a good hundred times. Even if you don’t know anything about the game, in one season you can quickly learn the basics, the balance of power, the history with a history that doesn’t exist anywhere else: if you bet on soccer, to have stats on 10 games, not counting the cups, you need to count on several seasons. For baseball, in one season, you can experience several seasons without fundamental changes in teams and players.

Type of bets allowed for baseball:

  • Winner of the game
  • Championship/Event Winner-Inning Run
  • More / Less points per game
  • Difference in points between teams at the end of the game

Again, the bets are quite limited, which gives you the possibility to focus your analysis on specific points. This is another plus for betting tips on baseball! Now comes the hard part. How do you bet on a sport that is as culturally remote to us as a glacier craftsman is to Greenland? Well, it’s an exciting challenge because beyond the sport itself, you’re getting into an exciting sports culture and history. Having had the chance to see a baseball game in San Francisco, I can tell you that it’s a confusing experience.

Mays Field – the nickname of the naming stadium, stands on the waterfront and since baseball stadiums have the distinction of having only three stands, you see the harbor and the bay as a landscape when you see the Giants. You’re going to tell me who cares? Maybe, but that’s what betting on baseball is all about, soaking up the sport. Not everyone will have the chance to go, but you can understand it by reading, exploring and watching the games.

Baseball can be a real value-add if you play the game right. The rules are not that complex. For most of the news, you need to master English even if some Indian enthusiasts offer news and forums. Above all, do not get discouraged, play little, time for once, is with you.

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