20 Best YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners in 2022



To expand your YouTube following, you’ll need to come up with creative video ideas, which might be tricky. To assist you, I’ve compiled a list of popular and fantastic YouTube video ideas that you may either try or use as inspiration.

Make Opinion Videos

Opinion videos are an excellent method to capitalize on a hot topic and gain visibility. If there’s a hot topic in your niche that needs to be addressed, make a film about it.

Begin a Vlog

People may wonder what you do outside of your YouTube activities and how your day generally goes if you don’t shoot vlogs on a daily basis. If that’s the case, invest in a vlogging camera and use one of YouTube’s content ideas to show people your daily activities. Viewers will learn a little bit more about you as a person this way.

Give a Product Review

To entertain and inform your audience, write a review of a new or hot product in your field. If you want your review to be useful, make sure it’s honest and entertaining. You may even make a series of review videos that are updated on a regular basis.


Users can gain insight and understanding via tutorial videos. These movies can be used as guides to complex facts and concepts, as well as hints, tips, and tricks. Incrementors provided new video ideas for every beginner so that they can grow their channel.


If you’re just getting started as a YouTube blogger, a Q&A video is one of the best YouTube video ideas you should consider. Your viewers leave questions in the comments section or on social media, and you must respond to them in the video.

Write down or duplicate the most intriguing questions before you begin recording. Try collaborating with friends, relatives, or your partner to answer them instead of answering them alone – it will be more enjoyable!

YouTube Gaming Videos

For your next youtube channel, you can make a video of yourself playing live your favorite game. If you aren’t much of a gamer or don’t own a game console, you can play various games online, right in your browser.

Don’t just record gameplay; record the entire walkthrough of a certain section of the game, from beginning to conclusion. Let’s imagine someone is unable to complete a level. They will see your video and be able to complete the task. PewDiePie, one of the most renowned YouTubers of all time, rose to prominence through filming games.

Give a Book Review

If you know how to keep things fresh and fun, book reviews may also create wonderful video material. Pick up a book that you really enjoy, despise, or have recently read, and share your thoughts with your audience.

React to a Popular Video

Is there a viral video that everyone is talking about right now? Film your reaction as you view it for the first time to make a reaction video.

Make a Spoof Video

If humour is a component of your channel’s brand, parody videos can be a tremendous hit. To delight your audience, make a parody of a popular movie, show, YouTube video, or music video.

An Ordinary Day in the Life of…

Create a video that depicts a typical day in your life for your audience. This is a fun opportunity for people to learn more about you while also getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how much effort goes into the videos they watch.

Record your First Impression

Create a first impressions video if there’s a new trendy product on the market, so your visitors can witness your genuine reaction. Give them your honest thoughts and opinions so they may make an educated purchase.

The history of…

Exploring the history of topics you’re interested in can be entertaining. Create a video about the history of a product, a brand, or any other topic in your specialty.

A sneak peek at a product

Brands may grant you exclusive early access to things they’re about to market once you’ve gained some clout. Create an interesting preview video in which you tell your viewers what you think.

Streams in Real-Time

Live feeds contribute to the build-up of anticipation for a specific event. Because of their nature, they’re usually simple to make and can reach a huge audience for a little price.

Streams in Real-Time

Live feeds contribute to the build-up of anticipation for a specific event. Because of their nature, they’re usually simple to make and can reach a huge audience for a little price.


Competitions and contest videos allow your viewers to become more involved with your channel. These films assist you in creating fresh and original material with minimal effort. Almost every agency does local SEO from Incrementors, so you can also contact them to know more.

Case study

Case studies describe how your product/service has benefited your users/clients. These videos improve your brand’s likability and trustworthiness.

Provide Unknown Techniques

Create a video demonstrating to your audience how to accomplish a trick or hack that you think they will find beneficial.

Do Something Embarrassing

Sometimes shocking content is exactly what you need to draw in an audience. Break apart your phone to examine what’s inside or shave your head to do something wild (but not unsafe).

Give a Walking Tour of Your Town

Do you have any favourite fearful places you’d like to share with your audience? Maybe you have some fascinating historical information to share. Take your audience on a tour of your favourite spots in town.

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