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Everyone likes Quizzes. For an entrepreneur, they are turning out to be one of the best ways to increase engagement, boost social media shares, and even capture leads. Interesting quizzes facilitate engaging users for a longer time. To build such captivating quizzes, one would require a suitable WordPress quiz plugin. These plugins assist in creating quizzes and generate dynamic results. WordPress plugins are one of the easiest ways to create viral content that people love to share.

Now, if you want to add quizzes to your WordPress website but are not sure which plugin to use, you have landed at the right place.

Top WordPress Quiz Plugins:

WP Quiz

WP Quiz is a flexible, responsive, and easy-to-install quiz plugin that you can install on your WordPress website. It auto-generates trendy quizzes like the ones on Buzzfeed. The plugin comes with primarily three installed quizzes: trivia, personality, and flip cards. There are other benefits of WordPress quiz plugins


  • WP Quiz works on the freemium model, which means most of the content is available for free.
  • WP Quiz also allows users to add images to their questions and answers
  • One can add a flip quiz effect to questions so that users can see animations (similar to flashcards) whenever they complete one.
  • It has customization tools to change the color of the progress bar, fonts, quiz background, and give animation effects to your quizzes.

Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master is another popular Quiz Plugin. Utilizing it, one can create customized quizzes or can choose from multiple question styles with options for items like radio buttons, dropdowns, True and false options fill in the blanks and checkboxes. It comes equipped with email support, certificates, leader boards, hints, and comment boxes. Additional features are also available in the paid version.


  • Quiz and Survey Master provides an option to add introductory media explaining your quizzes and surveys.
  • Confirmation emails of the quiz completion are sent to users.
  • The plugin also offers an option to pay for the selected features and not for the entire premium plugin.
  • The premium version has features, such as landing pages, export results, reporting, and MailChimp integration.

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Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat is another popular WordPress Quiz plugin that allows developers to create viral quizzes for their website. According to Oren Greenberg, Digital marketing consultant, “Quiz Cat is pegged as one of the most used quiz plugins for WordPress. Utilizing this, one can create engaging trivia with appealing designs to attract visitors. The Quiz Cat plugin also provides an option to add images of your quiz along with the benefits of adding unlimited questions, customized completion messages, and random shuffling of quiz answers”.

The other benefits of Quiz Cat are:

  • It’s easy to use
  • It can integrate with every WordPress theme.
  • It has unique tools for random answers shuffling and providing completion emails.
  • The plugin has premium features, such as spreadsheet exporting, Facebook Pixel integration, email marketing, and many more.

HD Quiz

HD Quiz USP is that it’s one of the quickest and simplest WordPress quiz plugins. The responsive design allows developers to create engaging and unlimited quizzes without any restrictions on the number of questions and answers. This plugin has a set of unique tools to add GIF images in questions and answers to make quizzes appear appealing. Some other pros are:

  • Easy to create trivia and personality quizzes.
  • Option to create unlimited quizzes with unlimited questions and answers for free.
  • Some premium features include a quiz timer, question tooltips for hints, social media sharing, scoring, and more.

Viral Quiz

According to Piyush Jain, CEO and Founder of Simpalm, a WordPress development company in DC, “Viral Quiz has recently emerged as one of editors’ preferred choice of quiz plugins because of its unique placement of creating personality and pop culture quizzes. When you download WordPress Viral quiz and create a new quiz, it gives you two different options: Trivia quizzes and Personality quizzes.”

The premium version of the viral quiz plugin is available on CodeCanyon, where it has a 4.4-star rating, 278 reviews, and over 64,000 plus downloads. The quizzes created using this plugin look almost the same as the ones you find on BuzzFeed (large thumbnail images and multiple result opportunities). You can use images in both your questions and answers, allowing quiz-takers to choose an image as their answer instead of only text content.


  • Using the plugin tool, one can encourage quiz-takers to share on Facebook to see their results
  • Virl quiz also allows users to add custom Twitter hashtags and @mentions
  • It has a built-in email capture module helpful in getting people emails who signed up for your newsletter.
  • Check analytics to see the results of the work done.

Quiz maker

The Quiz maker plugin helps create quizzes for your website in a relatively shorter period of time. You are free to choose the types of questions, such as Radio, Checkbox, Dropdown, Text, and Number. This plugin also allows users to create unlimited quizzes without restriction on the number of questions and answers. It also provides an option to change the look and feel of the quiz by changing length, width, height, color, image, and more.


  • Simple and easy to create quizzes.
  • Randomize shuffling of questions and answers.
  • Functionality to create timed quizzes.
  • Integrate email and SMS marketing features for visitors.
  • The free version provides 3 static fields of name, email, and phone. The premium version includes advanced features like result statistics, graphs and export functionality.

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If you are looking to build an engaging quiz website, then these WordPress quiz plugins can surely be helpful. Quizzes are a fun and convenient way of collecting leads. Along with great entertainment, quizzes also have a replay value.

Following are various useful quiz plugins that you can choose according to your need. For example, it is highly recommended to use Quiz cat for viral and WP Quiz for people who are on a limited budget. Quiz and survey master for professional and basic quizzes. Choosing inappropriate plugging may not fetch the desired outcome. For example, a BuzzFeed plugin is not suitable for educational organizations. It is important to choose the right plugging with expert advice.

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