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Many WordPress users are associated with charitable works or collect donations on their websites. It is not as rare as you assume. Whether it is a donation for a particular cause or a fundraising event, you can easily collect global contributions on your website.

Donations can support many individuals who want to continue their work and motivate more people around us. Of course, donations and non-profit organizations can accept online donations easily, but there’s a reason behind this called “Plugins.” The practice of donation plugins is increasing, and in my opinion, it is influenced by more and more sovereign content creators. There are many out workers, bloggers, designers, and artists posting inspiring works online.

Even if you did not collect charities for any of the above motives, there is nothing wrong with contributing. For artists and other online entertainers, donations are a comparatively modern addition to their content monetization, an exciting substitute for marketing and e-commerce.

How to accept donations in WordPress?

Using WordPress to collect donations is actually easy. Below you will find a list of the best WordPress plugins to accept donations on your site.

All you need is a reliable payment gateway like Stripe, wepay and PayPal, and a consistent WordPress plugin for donations. Let’s go through some best WooCommerce donation plugin that can do most of the work for you!

#1 WPExperts’s GiveWP Square Plugin:

GiveWP Square WordPress plugin enables visitors to donate via a Give-based donation form powered by Square payment gateway. The online process is fast and super easy with few stages like adding Square’s payment options to the form you created and accepting credit card donations directly on your website without the visitor leaving your website.

GiveWP for Square Integrate sandbox support with the latest version of the SQUARE V2 API. Using the GiveWP Square plugin for WordPress, you can create a traditional donation form or a standard donation form. Its functions include multi-level charities, which you can select from drop-down menus, a fixed donation list, or a custom menu for regular users.

#2 PayPal donation:

With moreover 5000+ downloads, PayPal donation is the leading plugin for donations and charities, particularly for the WordPress platform. You can set the default or minimum payment amount, currency exchange preference, partial button, country/region, and language. As the name proposes, this plugin is designed for accepting payments through Paypal, which is the most familiar online remittance service globally.

Amazingly, you can place Donate buttons anywhere on your website using a simple shortcode, including headers, pages, posts, sidebars, and footers. Although this may be the most favorite plugin in this group, it does lack something. It is not equipped with acknowledging functions like thanking the donor, even though there is a workaround: you can build a “thank you” page with redirect options.

#3 Tiva Crowdfunding:

If you want to build a fundraising platform with mature crowdfunding, Tiva Crowdfunding is the only tool to use. If you’re going to support others in their projects, so can you with this plugin. Although this idea may seem a bit scary at first look, using Tiva Crowdfunding is much more helpful than you suppose. Tiva Crowdfunding’s web design is spotless and simple, which is very eye-catching. It also runs flawlessly on desktop and mobile campaigns as well as recent browsers.

This is a super influential WordPress plugin that can support you in building a complex website where you can start raising funds for various causes. Using the power of Tiva Crowdfunding, you can develop your own Kickstarter-style platform without performing a lot of work. It derives from several configuration options and enables you to adjust the appearance to suit your core needs.

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#4 Donation for WooCommerce:

If you are associated with an online store, donating to WooCommerce is for you. This is the best WooCommerce donation plugin capable of producing multiple donation activities and collecting regular donations monthly, weekly, or even on a daily basis. In addition, customization of these widgets and donation forms can be completely personalized according to your preferences.

Users can select the “Pay what you want” option or choose one of the predefined donation amounts they have earlier configured. Donation for WooCommerce plugin allows you to raise funds for charitable causes through your eCommerce platforms.

Therefore, if you have already made an e-commerce store using WooCommerce, this might be a picture-perfect WordPress donation plugin. In addition, you can also display a list of donations for consumers to choose from. In this way, contributors can choose what they believe in, thereby increasing the chances of success.

#5 Give WP Donation Plugin

Give WP is a freemium WordPress donation plugin, comprising stunning professional donation forms, powerful reporting functions, and complete out-of-the-box donor managing tools. If you need other features, paid plugins can be used to accept regular charities, provide PDF receiving, support many payment gateways, Google Analytics tracking, and much more.

Even better, this plugin provides incredible value and does not charge any transaction charges. It also enables you to add custom fields and fundraising tasks in the donation form to inspire new donors.

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Collecting funds through donations is not easy since WordPress does not have any default settings. But now, you can easily add these futuristic plugins to accept payments from donors. These plugins have been updated recently and powered with tons of new features for your website. Download and test their functions to find the perfect one for your donation purpose.

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