23 Best Web App Ideas for Startup Businesses In 2020


The digital environment of today is app-focused. It’s not surprising that people spend 90% of mobile time using apps. $581.9 billion is projected to be generated by custom software applications in the year 2020 via app stores and in-app advertising.

Web apps have become an integral part of any business. However, just a robust web app is not enough; the idea behind the app should be something in demand.

Entrepreneurs are always on the look to convert an opportunity into success. We have listed 23 best web app Ideas for Startup Businesses in 2020:

1. Language Learning App

In 2020, it is one of the brilliant ideas to help users with beginner lessons in various languages. The language learning app can have different levels ranging in difficulty, the first level should be basic letters, and the advanced levels should come with full-fledged conversations.

2. Voice Translation App

When one is traveling abroad, not knowing the local language of the country is a major concern. It’s always a struggle trying to talk with the natives. An app that can translate your voice is a great way to communicate. The words spoken to the phone can be translated into the native language of the country you are traveling to.

3. Scan to Shop App

Scan to shop app will let you scan items that you like and help you find them online so that you can buy them instantly. These types of apps are desired by customers

4. Mall Navigation App

Big malls are not easy to navigate. You have to spend a significant amount of time searching for one shop. Mall navigation app can save you time, and you don’t have to worry about finding the desired shop. The app will store all the nearby shops’ digital maps so that you can have a hassle-free shopping experience.

5. Tip Calculator App

A lot of people find it difficult to tip the right way. The tip calculator app comes to their rescue. Also, when a large group of friends or family is dining, the app helps to quickly split the bill. The app allows you to calculate the exact percentage of the tipping amount by keeping in view your total bill amount.

6. Fitness App

People are becoming health conscious day by day. A web app that tracks the habits of people and is assisted by health coaches, nutritionists, and pathologists helps lower the risk of lifestyle disorders. The app should have several charts like weight, heart rate, blood pressure, sugar, etc. Users should be equipped with lifestyle plans, meal charts, etc. One can also provide a facility for users to chat with health professionals.

7. Real-time car-sharing app

A real-time car-sharing app allows users to enlist their car and fill in the destination. Another user who is going the same way can find the users to his destination and travel together in the car, and in the end, they split the course.

8. Food Recommendation App

Food recommendation app will be loved by foodies! The app shows the reviews and pictures of food by people who like to explore different food joints. Users can see the reviews and decide which place they want to dine in.

9. Table Reservation App

Some people prefer the center table while some like quiet corners of a restaurant. It’s difficult to get a table of your preference every time you go to a restaurant. A graphical restaurant table reservation app can help you in that aspect. With the app, you can book the desired seats for a specific time period.

10. Supermarket Checkout App

Who likes to wait in a long queue in a supermarket? With the supermarket checkout app, one can scan the products on the smartphone while shopping and make the payment.

11. Karaoke App

Each one of us has a pop start fantasy. A karaoke app allows users to sing and use different filters to sound like famous singers. It’s a fun app that users will love.

12. Virtual Study Group App

In coronavirus pandemic, when everybody is stuck at home, a virtual study group app makes sense. The app can provide students study material, guides, and an opportunity to meet on a common platform to prepare for their exams.

13. Video Editing App

People love to use social media. People put their personal life on social media platforms. Some people are influencers and promote products on the platform. People like to share videos in a polished and professional way on social media, and for that video editing app can help them.

14. What’s in your Fridge App

What’s in your fridge app asks you what is in your fridge, pantry. You choose the options available, and the app provides you a recipe that can be made with the ingredients you entered.

15. Toy Exchanging App

There is no doubt that children get bored with the same toys; after a while, they don’t find them interesting. The toy exchanging app is one of the brilliant ideas of 2020. The app is like a community where parents can exchange toys instead of buying new toys every month.

16. Travel Planning App

Whenever we go to a new place, we visit only the famous tourist spots, but there are also beautiful places that are not as popular as others, but they can’t be left out. A travel planning app helps you find less known beautiful places. You have to fill in your budget, types of places you like, and the activities you prefer, and the app will provide you suggestions.

17. Tenant Finder App

A tenant finder app helps tenants to connect with landlords and vice-versa. People who are putting their property on rent can easily find potential tenants and can go through various profiles. Tenants can pay rent through the app and put official complaints regarding maintenance.

18. Pregnancy App

The pregnancy app is for pregnant women. The app offers them advice and provides answers to their questions by professionals. The app will also connect them to a shopping segment exclusively for soon to be mothers.

19. Health Doctor App

We all need to go to health specialists for routine checkups, but not all of us remember to make appointments in advance. Health Doctor app can help patients remember it’s time for their health checkup is a great idea.

20. Chatbots

In 2020, many companies are using chatbots. Machine learning is used for chatbots. Chatbots are efficient and smart and available 24/7. People can ask questions from them and get instant replies.

21. Meme Generator App

In 2020, memes are extremely popular. A web app where people can find funny memes and GIFS and create personalized memes will be hugely appreciated.

22. Food Delivery App

The food delivery web app guarantees a high return on investment. The app connects users with different restaurants. Users find it convenient to order food through food delivery apps; they can choose their favorite restaurant, and food is delivered at their doorstep. The food delivery app should allow restaurants to register with the app and upload the menu.

23. Cloud Presentation App

When a group has to make a presentation, it becomes difficult to combine different ideas. The Cloud presentation app eliminates the traditional methods of making a presentation. With the help of the app, all team members can take part in making the presentation and present their ideas.


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