The Best Tools for Amazon Keyword Research in 2022


The biggest eCommerce platform, Amazon, is the main hub for third-party sellers, but the competition is cut-throat. The entry barrier is growing high, and those thriving have a secret weapon called the Amazon keyword tool.

Amazon sellers can’t afford to avoid Amazon keyword research tools because they are the reason for their success. With the help of Amazon Keyword Research tools, one can get an overview of the ranking and visibility of a product and find better ways to grow.

And now that you know the importance of Amazon keyword research tools, here’s the list of keyword research tools that Amazon sellers can think of trying.

6 Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools 2022

1. – Keyword Tool For Amazon

One of the best keyword research tools for Amazon is This tool provides a seller with precise keyword research details. It has a Find Keywords feature, which shows the high-level keywords that one should include in their product listing. In addition, it shows you autocomplete phrases and possible Google suggestions. The way it works is pretty similar to other research tools but provides you with better search result statistics. Anyone new to keyword research tools will find easy to navigate and helpful.

It provides you with more than 700 long-tail keyword suggestions, generates hashtag ideas and keywords, has a standard filtering option, CPC, Google Ads competition data, competitor keyword research, bulk search volume analysis, etc. As far as the pricing policy goes, has three plans to offer. Pro Business costs $159.00 per month, Pro Plus, which is their most popular plan, costs $79.00, and Pro Basic costs $69.00 per month.

2. Ahrefs – Amazon Keyword Tool

Ahrefs is a robust keyword research tool and boasts multiple features. It has a database of more than 7 billion keywords, which get refreshed every month. The tools analyses keywords that bring visitors to Amazon products by doing an organic search. The dashboard offers different metrics, allowing you to analyze your competitors and find ways to surpass them.

Anyone looking for the best keyword research tools must try Ahrefs because it offers exceptional keyword analysis data along with crawling details. In addition, it provides the basic keyword research analysis and monitors them too. The solid ad-hoc keyword research is impressive and suggests keywords that are helpful for Amazon sellers. Moreover, one will be provided with an in-depth SERP analysis.

Ahrefs will cost you $99.00 per month, and the highest plan will cost you $999.00 per month. Depending on how high deep you want to get into SERP metrics, you can choose a plan. If you sign up for their annual billing, you will get two months’ worth of plans for free. Ahrefs is one of the preferred keyword research tools for many because it has 24×7 customer service and provides accurate search results.

3. Keywordtooldominator – Amazon Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool Dominator is another one of the best Amazon keyword research tools for trusted by millions. It does fast searches for keywords. Once you search for a keyword, the result will be shown within 30 seconds. So, even if you search for a large volume of data, the result will be available soon. And that’s one of the reasons why all love Keywordtooldominator. It gives real-time data, competitor research, easy keyword list downloads, and the best part is it is a free keyword research tool.

Whether one wants to find long-tail keywords or short, Keywordtooldominator will hand over the list of keywords in real-time. However, if one wants better keyword analysis results, they can try the paid version, which starts from $49.99.

4. SellerApp – Amazon Keyword Tool

The next Amazon keyword research tool to try is SellerApp. It’s a market analytics and keyword research tool for Amazon sellers. The research tool lets you find high-converting and relevant keywords that are relevant to Amazon. Moreover, the data provided by SellerApp is accurate. Apart from the fundamental results, you will also learn about searched keyword metrics, such as estimated orders, cost per click, product research, keyword research, listing optimization, search volume, etc.

If you are looking for the best Amazon keyword research tools, you may want to give SellerApp a try. You can use the free trial version to check whether it will suit your requirements or not. Those who want to go for an annual plan will receive 25% off. Pro-Lite comes for $99.00 per month, the Professional plan is available at $199.00 per month, and the Enterprise Plan is available for custom pricing.

5. Scientific Seller – Free Amazon Keyword Tool

Scientific Seller is counted among the best Amazon keyword research tools. It is free to use, meaning if your Amazon business has a tight budget, you can use it to do keyword analysis. As per Scientific Seller, their result has helped thousands of Amazon sellers increase their monthly sales. The keyword research tool is free to use and provides a seller with the most accurate keyword information.

Unlike other keyword research tools that promise to deliver fast results, Scientific Seller works a bit slow, but you are assured of finding accurate and valuable results. If you don’t want to invest anything in an Amazon keyword tool, Scientific Seller is an ideal choice to go for.

6. Sonar – Free Amazon Keyword Tool

The last Amazon keyword tool that one can try is Sonar, yet another free keyword research tool. One needs to get the Google Chrome extension to get started with Sonar. Once the extension is installed, a seller can use it to search for keywords to use in their listings and different marketing campaigns. Sonar provides customer keyword data in just a few seconds. The keyword research tool of Sonar works exceptionally.

The tool only uses data from Amazon customer searches, which makes the keyword search process accurate. Using Sonar is easy, and one doesn’t need to be an SEO expert to understand how it works.


And these are your top 6 keyword research tools for Amazon. Try one of them to see how each one works and determine which one will be an ideal keyword research tool for your listings. Do remember that all of them will help you with keyword research, but the way each one works is different. Try the free trial to make an informed decision.

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