It is becoming a trend today to buy refurbished products online in India and it is a great idea indeed for a variety of good reasons. People in India today prefer buying refurbished mobiles online and it has many advantages attached to it.

It allows the consumers to get hold of their favorite Smartphone model without overspending and investing lots of money on it. Plus, it also enables them to contribute to the betterment of the environment by avoiding landfills.

In western countries buying refurbished products or mobiles was an old practice, but it is completely a new concept in India and many online retailers are contributing to this trend indeed. You will come across many online retail websites that allow buying refurbished products and mobiles at attractive and affordable prices.

Best Refurbished Mobiles Online Shopping Websites in India

Below is the list of top-rated best-refurbished mobile online shopping websites in India.

1. Amazon Refurbished

Get the best value of your money by buying the amazon refurbished mobile in india online and get hold of your favourite device at a much lower price than the original one. Amazon is the leading online shopping portal in India and they deal in professionally restored or refurbished devices that ensure quality performance despite being minimally priced.

You will definitely get top-notch performance along with brand warranty and you can choose refurbished mobiles from a variety of popular brands. Amazon gives you the opportunity to have easy access to the long list of refurbished and quality assured mobiles and tabs at much affordable rates.

2. Snapdeal Refurbished

Every day a new mobile phone is launched and mobile lovers in India keep updating their gadgets and replace the old mobiles with the latest gadget. Due to this frequent update, a dent in the pocket is caused and the best way to deal with such a situation is by buying refurbished mobiles online which would cost you less.

This way you can also update your existing mobile without making a hole in your pocket. Snapdeal Refurbished allows you to buy refurbished mobiles from different brands at very affordable rates. You have the opportunity to browse across the models of mobiles that are refurbished and available for sale.

You can buy them online and get a product warranty on it from the store itself and above all, you save lots of money on purchasing those refurbished gadgets.


GreenDust is the leading online shopping destination in India, offering the consumers the option to buy branded open box, unused, factory seconds, overstock, surplus, and refurbished mobiles and other products at a very affordable price.

This is the shopping portal that gives you the best shopping experience both at their online website and physical retail store. The product list at this store keeps on changing and updating and many new products are added into the list every day to help you grab the favourite and desired refurbished products online.

You will find refurbished mobiles from different leading brands and it comes with an affordable price tag for the consumers. So, pay a visit to this shopping destination if you are looking for best refurbished products online.


Togofogo is the new and emerging online shopping destination in India that specializes in offering you a variety of electronic appliances and refurbished mobiles.

The online shopping destination is equipped with genuine unused and refurbished products along with cartoon damaged, factory seconds, surplus, pre-owned and overstock products and mobiles that are made available for you to purchase at a much lower price.

All the products and refurbished mobiles that are featured on this catalog come with Assured Warranty and this gives the buyers with complete peace of mind when buying refurbished mobiles from this web portal.

All its refurbished mobiles are affordably priced and they are also available with huge discounts which let the buyers save lots of money on their next purchase of refurbished mobiles online.

5. 2GUD.Com is the leading online marketplace in India that deals in refurbished, unboxed, overstock, and pre-owned mobiles and other electronic products. All these products undergo a rigorous quality check process prior to making it available online for sale.

This is the safe online destination to purchase refurbished products online today and they are known for having an unparalleled customer focus and expert product knowledge.

Moreover, all these refurbished mobiles are quality assured and come with a very affordable pricing policy. You may also find huge discounts on some of the selected refurbished mobile brand when purchasing it from this online shopping destination.

By buying refurbished mobiles from these websites you are not only saving lots of money but also contributing significantly towards the better of the society and environment by reducing landfills.

It also enables you to support the environment with a healthier and greener future for a generation as it helps in reducing landfills and preventing the environment from getting polluted. brings to you a comprehensive list of websites from where you can refurbish mobiles and other electronic products. Plus, it also offers you some discount codes and promotional coupons that you can use while buying refurbished mobiles online to save a huge sum of money.


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