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I never knew the importance of an online image compressor until a few years back. At first, all image compressors offered a similar experience, but I started to notice quality differences and started to look out for quality solutions. The World Wide Web is a large space, and I may not end your hunt, but I can ease the burden by introducing an online image compressor, the image resizes tool, watermark tool, and more tools under one roof.

What is Visual Watermark?

A visual Watermark is a web-based tool that allows users to compress images, resize images, add watermark on videos/photos, add text to images, and more. The developers have equipped the website with remarkable tools that will ease your life, and get with the work immediately. You no longer have to do manual work and focus on automation, then get quality output. We are going to look at Visual Watermark tools and show you how they work.

How to Compress Images Online?

I believe in testing the image compressor and comparing the output with the source file.

Step 1: Open the browser and go to Visual Watermark Image Compressor page.

Step 2: You can Drag & Drop the image, but I clicked on the “select images” button.

Step 3: You can upload images from local storage, DropBox, Google Photos, and Google Drive.

Step 4: I uploaded the image from the local storage and then click on the “Compress” button.

Step 5: Choose the quality and I selected default “Better Quality”, and then click on the “Compress Images” button.

Step 6: You got three options to save it, and I downloaded it in the local storage.

Step 7: I did a close comparison between the source and the compressed version.

I didn’t find any difference at all, and the file was 41% reduced in size when compared to the source. I’m giving the image compressor a 5/5 rating, In terms of quality and output process.

How’s the Compressed Image Quality?

Let me give you a piece of in-depth information on the compressed image, so you can determine, if it is worth your time or not. I have renamed the images, so you can identify, which is the original and compressed one.

Quality output is more important than the compression itself, and I have added two images side-by-side to show you the difference.

Honestly, I cannot see much of a difference, when you compare two images side-by-side.

The original image size is 213 KB, and the compressed image file size is 125 KB, which is a remarkable compression.

Overall, I’m delighted with the output, and it doesn’t get any better since it is free and usable in a desktop/mobile browser.

Privacy and Security

The web-based application doesn’t upload images in the server, and they do within the browser. The developers designed the web-based tool to upload the images to the site and compress it. They don’t upload any of your images to the server to preserve privacy and avoid server load, as well.

Yes, adding images to the server increases load, which is a burden to them as well, so they eliminated the image uploading process in the servers. Overall, your security is guaranteed, and you can download Windows or Mac clients to strengthen your security.

Crop Images in Few Seconds

Microsoft Paint is my go-to crop editor, but I don’t have the same program on Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux machines. In such cases, you can use an image editor, but there is a learning curve, which I don’t appreciate.

Visual Watermark works flawlessly in a browser, and you can crop an image instantly without assistance from any dedicated program or an app. All you have to do is upload the image to the site and crop it with a flexible bar

Step 1: Open the browser and go to Visual Watermark image crop page

Step 2: Click on “Select Images” or Drag & Drop the image.

Step 3: Again, you have options to upload the image from local storage or cloud storage.

Step 4: I select an image from the local drive.

Step 5: The image is uploaded in a few seconds, and the editor shows you the crop layout.

Step 6: Resize the image and then click on the “Crop Images” button located at the top right corner.

Step 7: Choose the quality and then click on the “Crop Images” button.

Step 8: You can save the cropped image in local storage or Google Photos or cloud.

Step 9: The cropped image is saved in the local storage.

The image quality is not disturbed whatsoever, and that’s what I was expecting from Visual Watermark. Output quality was good, and didn’t face any visual tearing or similar negative results.

Bottom Line

Visual Watermark brought an interesting offer on the table, where we can compress an image online and access multiple tools to add watermark in videos and photos. You can crop an image, resize the image, and much more. Let us know what do you think about the online image compressor in the comment section below.

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