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Node better-called node.js is a runtime environment where javascript is used to write and execute codes outside the browsers. In the past several years, node.js has been heavily used for web and mobile app development. The number of frameworks based on node.js has also increased. All the frameworks have different features and utilities. They can be used for many functions while node.js development. But some of these frameworks are used more than often and are very popular. These frameworks are the first choice of every nodejs development company when there’s a need for use.

What’s different in node.js?

  • Best for prototyping development.
  • It is used to build fast and highly scalable services.
  • Supports javascript
  • Neat and clean coding architecture
  • Community support for open-source libraries

Why are Big Companies Using Node.js for their Apps?

Following are the best node.js frameworks that can be used for Web apps.

1. Hapi.js

Hapi.js is first introduced by Eran Hammer at Walmart on the occasion of Black Friday He made this to handle a large amount of traffic coming from the site. Hapi.js is one of the best and robust open-source node.js frameworks used for developing JSON API.   Hapi is capable of making Application programming interface (API) servers, websites, and HTTP proxies without any worry. Several unmatched features of hapi. Js such as caching, configuration, logging, error handling, and input validation, etc make it one of the most preferred systems for the node.js framework.  Hapi has been already used for making big scaled applications by some renowned companies such as PayPal, Disney.

2. Express.js

Express js is a minimal and flexible node js framework used to build big scaled applications and web apps. The best thing about expressJS is that is not made for any specific component so you can easily integrate it with any technology. This feature provides extensive room to developers for any kind of experiment. With express js, the fast setup and js implementation make it a stronger choice for using one of the best node.js frameworks for web apps.

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3. Nest.js

Nest. js is a Server-side framework based on node.js that has vast support of developer productivity.  Nest js is most used by the developer to build and structure the codes in a neat and clean manner.

Nest.js is best used for –

  • It is used to write neat and clear code.
  • High-level features such as interceptors, filters, pipes can be used.
  • Writing scalable, testable, and loosely packed applications.
  • Nest js can be used easily for other libraries.
  • This allows developers to fully code by using javascript.
  • It has detailed and well-maintained documentation.


Koa.js is an open-source framework created by the founders of expressjs.  Developers using koa.js are bound to create a more expressive, and robust platform than another node. js-based frameworks. With the use of koa.js developers has a wide variety of functions to implement and take the benefits out. It provides a wide variety of efficient methods to fasten the process of making servers more exciting. It can be used for the following tasks:

  • Frontend Systems
  • Backend Systems
  • Hybrid Systems

Key Features of Koa.js –

  • It is a Modern and future-proof framework.
  • It has a smaller footprint when compared to other node.js frameworks.
  • It can easily prevent website crashes in case of errors.

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5. Meteor.js

Meteor js is a renowned framework used with MongoDB as default. It is a robust platform to build any application using any frontend framework such as angular. They are often called meteor frontend frameworks. The default database of meteorJS is MongoDB.


  • code splitting and dynamic imports are extremely easy with Zero configuration tools.
  • It acts fast for real-time feature requests.
  • Meterojs is easily integrated with other frontend or backend technologies.
  • User authentication is safer with the meteor framework.

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Apart from the above frameworks, total.js, socket.io, derby.js, etc are renowned frameworks of node.js. These frameworks work efficiently and effectively to make the web and mobile and web application-making process easier than ever. Any node.js development company heavily relies on the node.js and node.js frameworks to build an enriched and future-oriented web and mobile app. The software development process is made mere easier by using these frameworks and utilizing their capabilities.

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