Last Updated on May 19, 2020

If you are working in an industry where you have to organize regular meetings with your employees, then you should rely on an online meeting software. When it comes to organizing online meetings, then LiveWebinar is the best option available on the web. The cloud-based webinar software packs with a ton of advanced communication feature to have a fruitful meeting with an individual or multiple users. Let’s collect some more details about this advanced online webinar platform.

What is LiveWebinar?

LiveWebinar is a cloud-based platform that works online for the users to organize online meetings, webinars, chats, screen sharing, live training and much more. Being the latest webinar software, it packs with a list of innovative features.

Apart from organizing meetings, the same software allows the users to record high definition videos which can be watched offline or can also be shared between the users.

Apart from this, a lot of customization options are also given to the users to change the logo, video layout, quality of video etc. With easy social media integration, the software allows you to broadcast their videos on Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Periscope etc.

To know more about this webinar software, let’s check out some of the key features of this cloud-based platform first.

Key Features:

Ease of Use

LiveWebinar serves intuitive user-interface where anyone can easily start using the software for organizing online meetings, webinars and much more. It’s a one-stop platform for all types of businesses and industries who have employees working in different cities, states or countries.

Multi-platform Availability

With the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, the makers have designed this webinar software for all the platforms. You can install LiveWebinar on your Mac system and Windows system as well as can use it through its web-based interface.

The same software can be installed on an Android and iOS smartphone and tablet devices. You can log in to LiveWebinar software’s portal to view the contacts and to start organizing meetings etc.

Easy Communication

The software lets users have communication with different ways such as person-to-person video calls, multi-user video calls, screen sharing, photo sharing, layouts, e-learning and much more. With quick notifications and alerts, users will get instant notifications on their respective devices.

Highly customizable

Unlike other webinar platforms, LiveWebinar allows users to customize a lot of things as per their preferences and needs. There is an option of screen sharing, muting down the video calls, theme changing facility, layout options and much more.

You can create your office room by choosing a suitable layout to make it look more professional. Webinar Interface template can also be switched as per your needs from the same screen by selecting an appropriate option.

Recording Feature

You can also record the entire webinar through built-in video recording feature. The software lets you choose the suitable video layout from multiple options. User can start and stop the recording at any time.

The downloaded recording can be viewed multiple times or can also be shared between the people. Everything will be stored over cloud storage. You will be given storage space to keep the recording videos etc. If not needed, you can simply delete the recordings from the page.

Live Streaming

Live Webinar allows its users to broadcast or livestream their webinar on different social networks. With easy integration, users can organize live streaming of their webinars on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and more.


Apart from communicating, the same software can be used for teaching something to your clients or students by using different built-in tools. You can draw things or can write down things with the shareable screen. Whatever you draw or write will be seen by the recipients.

Customer Care Service

You can get instant assistant from LiveWebinar’s technical experts through LiveChat, Help Desk, Ticketing and more. If you face any difficulties while using this software, you can reach out to the customer care team to get your queries resolved.

How does LiveWebinar Software Work?

LiveWebinar is a simple webinar software available for multiple platforms. You can use this platform on Mac and Windows PC systems as well as Android and iOS mobile platforms.

What’s interesting about this webinar software is you can get the free testing edition of the software. Sign up for free and start using this webinar and its premium features for a limited time.

Once you are signed up, you need to log into the platform by using your account’s login credentials. Just enter the username and password to sign in. You will be allowed to select the layout, webinar topic and more before you can start your first webinar.

Additionally, the simple webinar screen lets you add more users to join the webinar or you can invite them to collaborate by using the + button. You can have full HD video calls through this platform with easy recording option to record and store the entire webinar.

What makes this webinar platform a unique choice for the professionals is it allows unlimited customization options to create a special webinar room on your own. You can also use it remotely using its mobile app or can use it with its web-based portal online from anywhere on any PC system.

Built-in Video Recorder tool allows users to record full seminar or meeting in full HD resolution. The recording screen layout can also be selected from multiple options given for the users. You will be given specific storage space to record such videos and images which you can delete periodically to free-up space.

Apart from this, analytics, live feedback and many other options are there to generate reports and collect feedbacks which you can save for the future. Reports generated by the platform are downloadable. You can download the reports in multiple formats.


LiveWebinar is the most advanced and powerful Webinar Software available for all types of PC users and Mobile users. The cloud-based platform runs on the web and doesn’t ask for you to be a skilful person as it serves an intuitive user-interface.

It’s an all-in-one video conferencing, online meeting and webinar tool packs with all the advanced features with full HD video support. Multiple customization options and free testing version enables new users to test out the features and functions of the software for free. Go ahead and test it out now!



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