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We live in a world where marketing plays a vital role in any business. Email outreach is a significant method to communicate. In any business, it is very important to start contacting and building people network to express and exchange your opinions and promote products.

  • Are you wasting a lot of time searching for emails?
  • Are you confident that you have chosen the relevant email addresses?
  • Have you already automated email searching process?

Email marketing can take you to the top position, so be specific in choosing the email outreach plan. Only a perfect email finder can improve the professional life, be it blogging, marketing, prospecting, or link building. Normally, you involve in research and spend some time to find the prospects’ information. First, you need to get the email addresses, next you must check whether they are valid. Otherwise, there is no purpose in the outreach process.

Here comes to help anyone who needs outbound research. With there is no need to spend hours looking for emails. One can find emails easily with and enlarge the list of prospects within a few minutes.

What is is a platform which offers a few tools for email marketing automation. The first thing is Email Finder thanks to which one can find prospects’ email addresses in the blink of an eye. also has an email verifier, email drip campaigns, technology checker, and email tracker. helps professionals to save their time on searching email addresses and build the bridges with the leads. It finds email addresses from LinkedIn profiles, different industry domains, and companies. Email Finder is available as a Google Chrome extension which performs a search on any webpage. has a user-friendly interface and is employed in the field of Sales, Recruitment, and Business.

Installing the Chrome extension

  • Go to the Chrome web store and install the email finder extension. Click the Add to Chrome button.

  • Next is the Sign-up process which involves providing your name, email address, and password.

  • You can get started based on the available options like, using chrome extension, importing the prospects, uploading domains, and getting individual emails.

Now that you have installed and signed-up, next we will see how fetches email addresses from various platforms.

Getting email addresses from social media websites

Though the service performs a search on any webpage, let’s have a look at the most visited ones, social networks.


Go to the personal page of the specific person whose email address is required and just call the extension. If the person has provided the email address, then it will be displayed in the list of prospects. Simply click the Find Emails and Save button.


You can also extract email addresses from Twitter handles of individuals and businesses. But pay attention, people rarely leave their email address on Twitter.


In LinkedIn, you can use the search page to find the peoples’ email addresses and add them to the list of prospects. You can also visit a personal page and find their email. Options are available to get email addresses of a LinkedIn group member. Just visit the required group page and find the emails with the help of extension. You can also get the email addresses from a specific company. Go to the list of companies, choose the companies you need in the extension’s drop-down menu and save them.

Save email addresses from any website you visit

Go to the website from which you need to collect the email addresses. Click the extension and save the email addresses to the prospects list.

Save emails from Google Search

Enter the keywords you are interested in. Use the extension and run a search to save the email addresses you require.

Why should you choose

  • As far as is an all-in-one tool, you will get the full set of tools for email marketing within one plaid plan (or freemium). The tools are Email Finder, Email Verifier, Drip Campaigns, Technology Checker, and Email Tracker.
  • Email Finder provides quick access to emails on social networks and any other webpage.
  • Email Verifier is the tool which helps to get rid of invalid email addresses in a few minutes.
  • Drip Campaigns will save you time as the emails are sent automatically to the list of recipients.
  • Email Tracker gives full statistics on sent emails: opens and clicks.
  • With Email Finder, you enlarge the list of prospects in many ways.

Final words is extraordinary compared to other tools as it updates the databases in real-time to meet the customer needs. With the advent of new marketing strategies, is a must-have and a vital lead generation solution with the most accurate information for a wide range of organizations. is used by all circles of society like email marketers, sales managers, recruiters, CEOs, and many others.

Using refreshed databases, takes the driver seat when compared to its competitors. Uber, Oracle, Lego, UC SanDiego, and Ubisoft are some of the giant clients of With so many added advantages just make sure you start using Snovio and step-in to the new world of finding correct and appropriate email addresses quickly.

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