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5 Best LAN Messengers for Windows

Communications has gone through several breakthroughs and massive advancement in the course of mankind. Starting with letters to mails today, communication has almost reached the zenith, it’s pinnacle.

Now, you can text to anyone in the world from your room without any haste and problem.

The major credit goes to the Internet. The importance of internet in our lives has got such dominance, we can’t imagine our lives without it. Internet changed the face of communication forever.

But what if there’s no internet, but you want to communicate with your friends, neighbors or colleagues then what to do? Here comes LAN Messengers to rescue.

Before we get on the list of best lan messengers, lets dive into the top of LAN.

LAN stands for local are network. It is a type of network which can connect various computers within a limited area. The best part about lan is that you can send files at high speed rates, chat with other people without any internet connection! Yeah, you heard it right: without any internet connection! These LAN services are usually used in the offices and schools.

best lan messengers

Today, we will focus on the best lan messengers. The great fact about these messengers are that it’s completely free with advanced features  such as peer technology, tray popups and much more.

Best LAN Messengers


Tonic is a great, amazing and moreover free peer to peer chat software. It doesn’t relies on servers to communicate,  rather it emphasis on local area network. It is generally seen in offices and schools to communicate within colleagues and classmates.

It comes with some other advanced features such as chat history, group chat, your own image avatar to name a few.

LAN Messenger

Perhaps, the most simple but one of the best lan messengers out there. The name suggest it all–about it’s simplicity and ease to use nature. But being simple doesn’t means it lacks any advanced features. It comes loaded with some out of the box features such as broadcast message option (like that of whatsapp), and you can even transfer files through the lan network.


This freeware applibbcation comes loaded with several advanced and amazing features. It comes loaded with features such as in-built to do list, notes reminder to start with few.

The outstanding and quite non-mainstream feature of the application is that you can even primt the whole chat conversation! Along with it, it comes with message delivery double reports (such as whatsapp’s double ticks feature).

Its completely and easy to start off with–just download it and you are good to go.


Like all the messengers on the list, it follows the same local area network rather than relying on servers to communicate with each other. The standout feature being the ability of showing users online or offline.

It comes with all the basic features and allows you to have a nick name and your very own gravatar.

Brosix Messenger

Compared to all the other lan messengers on this list, Brosix is used generally preferred and used in the offices. The reason?

Though the direct reason might remain unknown. But its most likely due to advanced features such as screen sharing, whiteboard and sharing of various files such as audio and video.

So here comes an end to the list of best lan messengers, have you got anything else to add? Do let us know in comments.


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