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One of the methods that you can give the most information to the users who visit your website in the shortest time is infographics. It is a method that is highly recommended in content marketers because it is visually richer and more understandable to readers rather than spending thousands of words. We already see such infographic pages on most websites that we have visited in recent years.

Since the infographic is visual, a designer is absolutely required to prepare these contents. However, with free infographic maker sites on the internet, you can make yourself an infographic in a short time, even if you do not have design knowledge. In this article, we have compiled the tools that you can quickly prepare rich content infographics without requiring any design skills to share on your site and social media accounts.

You don’t need to use professional software to make infographics. Thanks to the programs that run for the help of everyone who wants to prepare infographics with their practicality and user-friendliness, it is now possible to easily create infographics without spending hours. Moreover, you don’t even need to be a developer or designer to use these programs.

Creativity is all you need when using these programs. With the information and data you compile, you can create a creative infographic as you wish. So let’s take a look at six different infographic makers that will attract you, with features that stand out without further ado.

1. Canva

As one of the most popular graphic design programs, Canva is already used by a large number of users to design on many different topics. You can create your Canva account and start creating exciting infographics for free. Many ready-to-use infographic templates and thousands of illustrations let you create compelling infographics fast. Canva gets 2 million icons, stock photos, and other elements to choose from.

Besides, its easy-to-use interface, which allows anyone to make graphic designs effortlessly, creates a preference for Canva. However, although it is free, let’s not go without mentioning that some graphic elements that are available in Canva are subject to an additional fee.

2. DesignCap

Another program that offers practical use is DesignCap, which lets you visualize your content as you want. DesignCap lets you transfer all the data you have to the software and make an infographic without much effort, and has conquered the hearts of millions of users.

You can create infographics using DesignCap and other materials you want, such as presentations, reports, charts, posters, social media banners, and more. It offers more than one million pieces of elements to choose from. With simple drag and drop, you can add maps, tables, icons, shapes, and photos to your visual design.

3. offers ease of use and simplicity that you do not even need to create a membership account to create an infographic. You can select previously prepared templates, place your content, and quickly generate several infographics.

With a few clicks, you choose a template to start customizing it with a library of icons, charts, illustrations, and images and then download your finished infographic for free without a watermark.

4. Venngage

An essential feature of the Venngage infographic tool that stands out from others is asking the user about their needs in the first place and helping to choose the right template according to these needs.

With Venngage, you can choose from 100+ infographic templates and enrich your content with graphics, maps, and icons. On the other hand, in order to use more templates and differentiate your infographic designs using different tools, you need to upgrade your membership account for a certain fee.

5. Visme

With Visme, an online tool that is as easy to use as other recommendations, you can create your own infographic for free. But if you wish, you can design your infographic via Visme by using more storage space and more design tools at a very affordable price.

Visme, which basically allows you to make your content stronger and more impressive by using icons, charts, widgets, and other visually helpful items like other software, is used by more than half a million users in more than 50 countries. Moreover, with Visme, you can do not only infographics but also reports, HTML5 animations, and more.

6. Piktochart

You can create fascinating infographics, presentations, and flyers via Piktochart. Choose from 800+ professionally designed templates for a faster start-up and add interactive charts, animated icons, and videos to enrich it.

If you want to have larger storage in Piktochart, upload custom fonts, download PDFs, and have high-resolution outputs in your designs, let’s also mention that you should pay a monthly fee.

Well, now you just have to try your hand at creating your own infographic. With various tools available on the net, you can produce all the infographics you want even if you’re not good at drawing and have never used a program to process images!

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Final Note

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